Like our cats there is a Purina Pro plan to suit your pets needs. #PurinaPetPeople #Sponsored


Purina Proplan has food for your pets needs.

Anyone with cats know, and those whom have seen our Instagram feed whom don’t, realize living with them is like having a party where the guests don’t leave. You know, the time where this one drove you nuts, that one was sick somewhere for you to find and well, who can find the other? It’s all good though as just like that, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Our cats are our family, friends and companions and we want to keep them happy and healthy, which is why we chose Pro plan Focus for indoor cats.Read More

answerthetullyphoneLike our cats there is a Purina Pro plan to suit your pets needs. #PurinaPetPeople #Sponsored

Thankfully Netflix is not all fairy-tales and happy endings! #Streamteam

Netflix shows for your growing children

I’m sure parents agree that when you have children, the years go by so fast. One minute they are watching shows like Dora or Paw Patrol and the next they are into shows that may not be to your own likeness. Netflix gets this and continues to make changes to their programming availability to cater to families of today. Have you realized it and accepted it yet, or are you still biding time? I know we have moved on and it happened without really even knowing at first. Our daughter Cadence is 10 and growing into a young lady, so it’s really not a surprise that her likes are changing into a young adult, even though we try to keep her our little girl at times. (She will always be that in our hearts!)Read More

answerthetullyphoneThankfully Netflix is not all fairy-tales and happy endings! #Streamteam

Canucks Rock The New Year Giveaway!

CBN Giveaway

Canucks Rock The New Year Giveaway 

The New Year has been officially rung in, the ball has dropped and we are left standing here with aspirations of a fantastic year ahead. Resolutions may hang over your head like a storm cloud ready to burst at the seams, or maybe you’re in the lucky 8% that impress us all with keeping them. No matter, we are here writing this to tell you about a really great Giveaway that could help with that resolution, getaway ,or whatever you choose to use it for. Seriously! Just a thought, especially for those buried knee-deep in snow, I’d use it towards a flight to someplace where the only thing being shoveled is sand into a bucket or food in our mouths. 

Read More

answerthetullyphoneCanucks Rock The New Year Giveaway!

Netflix is our go to for New Years, whether we’re in or out! #Streamteam

Netflix for New Years

New Years and Netflix is something that has gone hand-in-hand with us for the past few years, even if we were at a hotel, we managed to have it with us. Why? Well for so many reasons, but the biggest is it has been here for us as an early countdown to the New Year for the little ones. Think about this, Netflix Canada gives you the power to either trick your kids (or just to have the excitement) into an earlier celebration they can be part of and a way to help out with rest the following day. Read on for more details…Read More

answerthetullyphoneNetflix is our go to for New Years, whether we’re in or out! #Streamteam

Your nice list just got bigger? No problem, Best Buy Canada has you covered. #BestGiftsBestBuy #Sponsored

Best Buy Canada is the best location for your holiday shopping.

Let’s face it, the holidays are only a few short weeks away, and if you are like most, still have at least a few gifts to pickup on your nice list. I’m sure you have seen our holiday gift guide and have shared with your friends and family, but what about Best Buy Canada? Have you visited them, or checked out their suggested holiday must haves? We have been into their store multiple times over the past few weeks, just because we never really need a reason to browse. I picked up a couple of items that will make the entire family happy and wanted to share our choices and a few other recommendations for you to choose from.Read More

answerthetullyphoneYour nice list just got bigger? No problem, Best Buy Canada has you covered. #BestGiftsBestBuy #Sponsored

McDonald’s ultimate season Cravings menu is sure to satisfy! #seasonscravings #TeamMcDs #sponsored

looking for the taste of the season, check out McDonalds

Ok, so the holidays are coming and you still have so much left to do, or maybe you’re the smarty pants that finished up early. McDonald’s has introduced the ultimate season’ cravings line up, and ultimate it truly is! Let’s face it, we are in the season where we enjoy the company of our friends and family and comfort food. There is more than enough time spent baking and cooking in the kitchen that it’s ok to give in the season and indulge. We have thought hard and created a flow chart to help you with your cravings and what can be done to satisfy them.Read More

answerthetullyphoneMcDonald’s ultimate season Cravings menu is sure to satisfy! #seasonscravings #TeamMcDs #sponsored

What if your pets could make a Christmas list? #PurinaPetPeople #PetWishList #Sponsored

Don't forget your pets at Christmas

It seems like we are running a repeat schedule of working, shopping and sleeping this time of year. Did you stop and think to purchase something for your furry friend and place it under the tree? If not, here is your reminder. Our pets are there for us no matter what kind of day we had and whatever mood we are in. Many friends I know have dogs who sit looking out a front window in hopes of a quick return, but will stay there for the day if they must. We have cats and one of them is much the same as these dogs. He spends most of his days in the window waiting. Most would say he just lives the window and that may be part, however, as soon as we arrive home he is right there by our side.Read More

answerthetullyphoneWhat if your pets could make a Christmas list? #PurinaPetPeople #PetWishList #Sponsored

Answer The Tullyphone’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways!

Best 2016 Holiday Gift guide


It’s that time of year again when the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season has us in overdrive. What do I buy whom, where do they have it and will they like it? Don’t worry, these were all questions we had asked ourselves before contacting sponsors in which we wanted to work with. The end result is that if you see it on our website, although the products are supplied and may come across as sponsored, rightfully it’s not. Why? These are products we would love to see under our tree for Christmas, and seeing them here, well it means they passed our reviewing process to make it under our tree. We truly hope you enjoy checking out our picks and thanks to many of the guide sponsors, we have some fantastic giveaways throughout. If you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together for you, please share so that others have a chance to read about our great finds too! Read More

answerthetullyphoneAnswer The Tullyphone’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways!

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon flies into your home November 29th.

Disney's Pete's Dragon available November 29th

Coming to a living room near you on November 29th, 2016 is Disney’s Pete’s Dragon. Oh boy let me tell you how exciting this is for me. This film is a remake of its original that debuted in 1977, the year I was born, and remember watching it over and over. A fantastic story of survival, a mystic dragon and a friendship that can’t be broken. Although it is hard to remake a classic film that everyone has come to know, Walt Disney Studios did a great job of doing just that and bringing you right back to when the Magic dragon once took to the skies.Read More

answerthetullyphoneDisney’s Pete’s Dragon flies into your home November 29th.

Quick there’s still time to #BakeitPossible for a chance to win $10,000!

Pillsbury and Betty Crocker want you to #BakeitPossible

Pillsbury and Betty Crocker want your help and for you to share your recipes with them. Do you have a square, cupcake, cake recipe or whatever your imagination can think of to share? Well Imagine it winning you $10,000! That’s right, you didn’t read long, but don’t wait as there isn’t much time left to enter. Until December 4th, 2016 you can submit your recipe to be part of the contest and that, I think takes the cake…ahem, I mean is fantastic! In order to qualify as an entry, you only need a few factors to make it possible. It needs to take less than 60 minutes to make, be tasty, be creative and have a WOW factor. Interested? Check out the details and our creation below.Read More

answerthetullyphoneQuick there’s still time to #BakeitPossible for a chance to win $10,000!