WIN $500 In The #CashIsGreener Giveaway!

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The time of year has come when almost everything around us is changing. Some for the better, and maybe some not-so-much. I know our yard has good areas and bad, which has left me struggling every year to obtain grass in areas that are being stubborn. The good news is the grass I do have is weed free, the birds are back singing their songs and thank goodness, the temperatures are rising once again!

To celebrate the beauty that is around us at this time of the year, I have teamed up with 19 other fabulous bloggers to bring you the #CashIsGreener giveaway! Whether you decide to use it to repair spots on your lawn, a weekend away, buying something to refresh your wardrobe or home, who can’t use $500 in Canadian cash? We love any reason to give stuff away and what better prize to receive any time of year than cash in the bank?Read More

answerthetullyphoneWIN $500 In The #CashIsGreener Giveaway!

Have you changed this important car filter?

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Most people don’t know that their vehicle has multiple filters that work to keep different fluids and air we breath clean. If I’m being completely honest, I understand why. I worked in a few car dealerships through the years, one where I was the operations manager, looking over the parts/service department. I learned a lot! I had my filter discussion with many customers, family and friends through the year, as I’m usually prepared of what the answer will be. Many customers, and yes from both sexes, were lucky to know they had an oil filter. When I discussed the changing of the other filters, I would more often than not, get looked at like a curious dog. Want to know what filter was top on the most ignored?Read More

answerthetullyphoneHave you changed this important car filter?

Top 5 Spring Changes To Cleanse Your Home, Mind And Body!


Spring is here, and yes for some of us it may still look a lot like winter, but making a few adjustments now means for a better tomorrow. No matter where you live, change is good for us in so many ways. Whether it be a cleanse for your home, mind or body so-to-speak, it reduces stress and any amount of lost stress is a great thing. Check out these Top 5 Spring changes for your home, mind and body below and tell us how you get ready for Spring in the comments. Read More

answerthetullyphoneTop 5 Spring Changes To Cleanse Your Home, Mind And Body!

You will LOVE The Breville Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ®

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Have you ever added an item to your kitchen that you wish happened a long time ago? An appliance that doesn’t only look great, but makes life that much more fantastic than what it has been? We received Breville’s Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® just before the holidays, and to say it is exactly what we and our Kitchen needed would be an understatement, to say the least. This little oven, packs a huge punch with all its features that I wish I could buy one for everyone, no really, it’s that great!Read More

answerthetullyphoneYou will LOVE The Breville Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ®

Netflix – A resolution that’s easy to keep!

Netflix Jan 2018

We all turn to Netflix in many places and for different reasons. Whether you be the type of person who only has internet and Netflix as your form of entertainment. The type that has everything, including Netflix and want to binge “all of the things”, or maybe the in the closet wifi user wherever you go. What reasons does our family turn to Netflix for? So very many!Read More

answerthetullyphoneNetflix – A resolution that’s easy to keep!

Netflix – Our Faves Of 2017!

Streaming in 2017

It’s no secret in a Caramilk square that we are Netflix lovers. We have been Streamteam members for the past three years, sharing our faves as well as up and comers, but users for so much longer. 2017 is swiftly coming to a close and thinking back through our favorites is not hard, as we are still enjoying them today. Sometimes hiding in a corner somewhere, but hey, you have to get in your time wherever you can right? Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and visit our faves of the year and what’s to come! 

Read More

answerthetullyphoneNetflix – Our Faves Of 2017!

Hallmark For Christmas 2017


Christmas 2017 Hallmark

Disclosure: I was not compensated monetarily for this post, however, as part of the 2017 Love Hallmark blogger panel we do receive products to facilitate our posts, any and all views and or experiences are always that of our own unless otherwise stated. #ad

Spreading cheer with Hallmark through the Holiday’s can be done in so many ways this year and cover gifts for men, women and children. They have taken care of many categories, such as, holiday decor, gifts for everyone on your list, their Signature Christmas cards that we all love and top it off with items to wrap it all up. Remember that Hallmark is so much more than greeting cards, however, should that be what you need to send, their Signature Christmas cards are truly a wonderful moment. Read More

answerthetullyphoneHallmark For Christmas 2017

Deck Your Halls & Rooms For The Holidays From Best Buy.

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored in part by Best Buy Canada, however, we chose them as our sole location when considering this bedroom project. As always, any and all views and or opinions are that of our own unless otherwise stated.

The Holiday season is once again upon us. It is extra special in our household as our daughter Cadence was born on December 14th, 2006. Every year since, it has been extra special to celebrate what we feel was the best Christmas present we could have received. Cadence is now at the age that she is looking for a mature change in her bedroom environment, and with some help from Best Buy Canada, she now has a room that she feels great spending time in.Read More

answerthetullyphoneDeck Your Halls & Rooms For The Holidays From Best Buy.

Just For The Holidays, Available For A Limited Time At McDonald’s!

McDonalds Holiday Meal 2017

Disclosure: I have been compensated in exchange for my participation as part of the #TeamMdDs campaign. The opinions on this blog are always that of my own unless otherwise stated. 

The holiday season is upon us once again. Everyone is being pulled in multiple directions, between shopping and working. Don’t get hangry! If you have never heard the term, “hangry” before, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as this. “bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.” If you’re like me, you will perform better on a fueled body. Our recommendation? Visit your local McDonald’s Canada Restaurant and check out their limited time holiday offerings.Read More

answerthetullyphoneJust For The Holidays, Available For A Limited Time At McDonald’s!

Win Some Of Our Must Haves Holiday Gift Guide For 2017!

Our Holiday gift guide is filled with items that were provided to us, however, you must know that each and every one of the items were chosen by us. We either contacted the brand, or hand-picked items from brands whom contacted us. This way, as always, we can speak to you about items our family would want to either see under our Christmas tree or gift this holiday season. Read more to see what items for the household, for tech lovers and for children we will have in our home this holiday season. 

Items are in no particular order of popularity, but only kept in a category so you can get right to what you want. We can easily recommend purchase of any of the items within the post based upon our wants and needs and do not include any items in which are not a fit for our family.Read More

answerthetullyphoneWin Some Of Our Must Haves Holiday Gift Guide For 2017!