I Luv My FURiends by Cadence Tully via @sherritully


Hi, my name is Cadence Tully and I’m 7 years old. I have 7 pets. I have a cat named Booboo, 5 hamsters named Squishy, Poopy, Snuggle Bug, Snowball and Cookie and a guinea pig named Stampy.

Pets are nice to cuddle with and are great FURiends. Some pets are soft, some are hard and some are even prickly. They come in all different sizes.

You may have a snake, a hamster, a cat or a dog. Let me know what you have for a pet/pets in the comment section below and don’t forget their name. Remember to always luv your pets.

Talk to you again soon.



In loving memory of Holly


answerthetullyphoneI Luv My FURiends by Cadence Tully via @sherritully

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  1. Lynda Cook

    You must love hamsters, you sure have a lot of them, I love the colour of your cat so pretty. I have 1 black cat and his name is Jack, and I also have 3 dogs, a Rotti and her name is Mercedes, a Mastiff and his name is Molson and lastly a pom-chi and his name is Snickers, it’s great to have pets!!!

  2. Shauna

    I love your little buddies names! I have no pets right now, but I used to have a Love bird named Coby, 2 cats; Shade (boy, black) and Arwen (girl, black and white long haired) and a dog, named Piper, she was a german shepherd/newfoundland mix. Shade lived the longest, he was 17 yrs old I think….old man, lol, he loved to catch mice and birds at the golfcourse 🙂 love your family blog guys !

  3. Victoria Ess

    Lucky girl with all your pets! I always wanted to pet growing up but my parents never allowed me to have one! Your hamsters are really cute and it looks like you really love them. I hope to have a dog one day 🙂

  4. Mark Cook

    well hello! I have cat a cat and his name is Booboo too!! Small world eh. He’s a red cream point cat and his eyes are blue, he’s a cool cat and really smart!!

  5. Anne Taylor

    Lucky pets to have you! We have 2 cats. Their names are Tiger and Shadow. Tiger is a wee monster and Shadow is very shy!

  6. Isabel Topps

    You are so lucky to have so many pets. Growing up just isn’t the same without pets. Your cat looks just like the one my daughter had, a Russian Blue. She called him Tarragon 🙂 I had my cat Nutmeg for 16 years.

  7. Lee-Ann

    We love your choices of name for your fur babies. My daughter names all our pets. Right now we have two dogs, Bramble and Thornly, three cats, Bacon, Waffle and Mushroom and two chinchillas, Apollo and Hermes. We also had a lovely cat named Weaner – she was a polydactyl (6 toes on each foot). She crossed the rainbow bridge last summer at almost 18 years old. Boomer – our bird crossed the rainbow bridge just before her. Our fur babies are always an unending source of love. =)

  8. Dawn

    Hi Cadence! Our family has three pets. A black labradoodle named Trixie that we rescued and two cats, Baxter & Princess, who were also rescued. Baxter is orange & white while Princess is all black. We have 3 humans in our family and each of us has a pet that seems to favour us. Trixie loves Daddy, Baxter loves my little boy and Princess is Mommy’s girl. My little boy who is 8 would like to know if you named your guinea pig after Stampy from YouTube fame and if you don’t know who I am talking about then you have very lucky parents that you have not discovered Minecraft!

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