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I wanted to share with you all this SUPER EASY #DIY craft that my 88 year old Grandmother made. She has a little group (Home League) that she goes too every Tuesday night and they do crafts and this was one of them. How sweet are these??? How cool would these be to make for your wedding or Shower for your guest to take home??? I love them…and sooooooo easy and fun, so lets get to it.


So what your going to need is a wine glass/glasses (who doesn’t have a wine glass?) but if you don’t, Dollar Store does. Next thing is Scrapbooking paper. I purchased mine at Michaels for $.99 each sheet and each sheet made me 2 shades. Another thing you’ll need is a tea light. NOT A REAL ONE!!!! Real one BAD, battery operated one GOOOOOOD!!! lol But you all knew that already….right? Ok, so other than scissors, the last thing you will need is glue (tape may work but glue is less noticeable). You’ll see in my pics that I have a few extra GLAM items…all found at the Dollar Store (Pearl stickers, Diamond stickers, lace, etc…)


I added the extra glam just to show you that you can, but simple is just as pretty. If you don’t want to add the ($extra$) glam but you still want to spice it up, you could always grab your scissors and scallop or split the edges like I did with the Butterfly and Leopard print shade.


The hardest part of the whole project is cutting out your templates to make your shades. It may take you a sheet or two before you get the right size (unless you’re really lucky and find a good one online to print…hint hint) don’t make the same mistake as me and only think of that after the fact. Once your shades are all cut out, start gluing (I used E-6000 glue because that’s what I use for everything, LOVE it) them together and VOILA…pop them on top of your wine glasses, turn on your tea lights and get ready to be amazed.


I really wish I had this idea before I got married because they really would make a great party favor. They are so pretty and just so easy and fast to make. I really hope you like them. Have fun with them when you make them (I wish I could see all your pics of them).

answerthetullyphoneLight Up Your Life With This #DIY Lamp via @sherritully

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  1. Lynda Cook

    This is a great DIY I like the idea of gifting for the I have no idea what to get person, I love how simple these are to make something I can handle (with template) lol, thanks for sharing such a great project!!

  2. Judy Cowan

    Love this idea, I just found some wine glasses the other day that we bought but have never used and was going to get rid of them….now I might just have to hang onto them and try this DIY out!

  3. Treen Goodwin

    wow i think i would make some of these for gifts they are so pretty thanks for sharing .. i love making stuff like this and giving them to family and friends 🙂

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  5. Terri

    Lamp shade idea: plastic coke bottles. Cut the desired length from the middle of the bottle. Cut ends at slight angles so it is narrower at the top than at the bottom. Decoupage color paper or floral napkins to the inside. Wrap around so edges meet, so the paper is on the inside, glue in place and clip with clothes pins to hold in place until dry. Decorate as you like on the outside with trim, ribbon and bead fringe!

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