Mason Jar Jack-O-Lantern Tutorial #DIY with @sherritully



With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the time to start getting ready. My daughter and I made these little beauties in less than 45 mins and for less than $5.00. They turned out AMAZING and I’m going to share it all with you.

I know, everybody loves the original carve the real pumpkin jack-o-lanterns but let me tell you why these are better:

1. Mason jar jack-o-lanterns don’t require any sharpe objects, making them friendly for all ages in the family to create.

2. Mason jar jack-o-lanterns are so much less messy. Barely any clean up if you put newspapers under your projects.

3. Mason jar jack-o-lanterns can live forever without growing mold and give off any kind of horrible smell.

So are you sold? Ready to create your own mason jar jack-o-lantern? I thought so…so let’s get started shall we?


Here’s what your going to need for your project.

Your going to start by opening up your orange tissue and start cutting out little squares and rectangles. Make them roughly 1″x2″ and 1.5″x1.5″, but don’t make them perfect. Once you think you have enough cut out to cover your jars, grab your mod podge…


Take your foam brush and apply mod podge the jar. Just do little areas at a time so the podge doesn’t have time to dry before you get to that area. Now place your tissue onto the podged area and use your brush to tap it so you know its nice and flat against your jar. TIP: If you pull at the tissue too much with your brush, the tissue will tear. If that happens, just place a new tissue over it and continue going.


You don’t have too, but you can podge the bottom of the jar and apply tissue there as well. Tip: If you do, just remember to turn the jar upside down to dry it.


Once your done, take another quick look at the jars to see if you missed any areas and to see if any tissue is lifted. If there is any tissue lifted, grab your brush and some podge and dab the tissue until it sticks down on the jar. At this point here, I let the orange tissue dry for about 20mins before I podged the faces on. So, while the orange tissue is drying, grab your black tissue and cut out your jack-o-lantern faces. Once the 20mins has past, podge your faces on and set the jars to dry completely (approx. 1 hour).


Now that your tissue is all dried, its time to add your ribbon. Just tie a simple bow around the rim (I used green) and VOILA…your very own Mason Jar Jack-o-Lantern.


Here is an alternative to doing pumpkins, use real leaves and make Fall Tea Lights.


I hope you and your family enjoyed making them as much as mine did. Happy Halloween from my family to yours!

answerthetullyphoneMason Jar Jack-O-Lantern Tutorial #DIY with @sherritully

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  1. Shauna Beattie

    Very nice guys! I think I might make these, I really like them and I definitely like the no-mess or rotting pumpkin…and my James is 4 yrs old, so pumpkin carving with sharp tools is a boring project for him; not much involvment. I think he’ll love this! Thanks!

  2. j nelson

    I could see this being a multi-celebration craft – just change the decorations. A great place to get inexpensive jars is a Thrift store.

  3. Judy Cowan

    What a great craft idea! Thanks so much I think this would be something really fun to do with my niece before Halloween!

  4. Lynda Cook

    So glad you shared, I love these!!! so adorable and easy and you can buy everything at the dollar store even, I think i’m going to do a couple of green ones as well for witches!!

  5. Treen Goodwin

    wow i love these and there so easy , i will make some with my grandson , when hes over this weekend , thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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    1. Post

      Hi Marta,
      Good Question! We use a simple battery powered candle light, however, a regular one that you liked should be fine as well. If you do it, please share and tag us in a picture.

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