Saving 5% Everyday with the #TargetREDcardCA? I had no idea it was so easy!



Living in greater Moncton, New Brunswick we frequently made trips into Maine to do some shopping for items that we could not obtain at home. This meant that we could get to target and do some shopping, yes it was always a great thing to see that bulls eye when pulling into the Target parking lot in Bangor. We were so excited to find out we were getting one a couple years ago and now have one ten minutes away  that we can hit it up at anytime we want!

Have you heard about the REDcard? I can honestly tell you that I did, however, did not know how easy it actually was to get nor what it can do for you! Every time I have visited target upon going through the checkout I have been asked if I had a REDcard and politely closing them off with a “no, not at the moment”. I did this unknowingly as they have an option that fits me perfectly and had never looked into it until the other day.

The REDcard is available in two options, the Debit or Credit card, allowing you to choose which one benefits you the most. Each option allows the holder to save 5% off of there entire purchase EVERY DAY, no matter which one you choose and the Credit card has some additional advantages should you choose that option. Most people had thought it only was available as a credit card or the debit card was a total separate account, this is NOT the case.

The best part is that it was so easy to apply! whether you decide to do it in store with a team member at Guest Service to help or do it from home, I can assure you that it is very simply! I chose to do so from home, visited and clicked the REDcard tab, answered a couple of questions and received an automatic approval. Aproximately a week later, I had a shiny new REDcard in hand, YES I just saved myself 5% on every Target purchase from now on for literally answering a couple of questions….of course assuming I didn’t forget my wallet…lol!

I’ll even make it easier for you and give the key points to both cards and the link to take you to the site for you to sign up and be part of the savings yourself. Remember, the cost to you is absolutely nothing, however, the savings well I’ll leave that amount up to you. A little or a lot I can assure you that It’s more I get to spend later by saving now!








redcard-anthem-otherspecial offer!

New REDcard holders get a special one‑time coupon good for an extra 5% off in addition to your everyday 5%* REDcard savings.

Rules and Restrictions can be found here. 

I can honestly ask, “why wouldn’t you do it?” If you shop there anyway and it saves you money, to me it should be more of a question of “when are you signing up?” Why throw money away that they are giving you back for basically a thank you for shopping with them? Take advantage today, I did!

answerthetullyphoneSaving 5% Everyday with the #TargetREDcardCA? I had no idea it was so easy!

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  1. Monica

    Like you Matthew, I had no idea how easy it was to get a REDcard. I was thrilled when I found out the debit version was actually like using my bank debit card, except, I saved 5% on my purchases!

  2. Lisa

    I love Target and just recently got a REDcard. It’s great that I don’t have to get a credit card to enjoy the benefit of saving 5% on purchases… I try to be responsible, so I use debit whenever possible. Happy shopping! 😉

  3. Treen Goodwin

    I just be had a target here , we are in a small town , we are lucky to have a Walmart lol , maybe one day we will get one here and i would love to have the Red card as well thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Lynda Cook

    No Target where I live, just a Walmart, but it would be nice if Walmart gave the choice between debit or credit card, would be nice to save while shopping!

  5. loriag

    If we had a Target closer than 6 hours, I would be there with you. That is the hard part of lving in a small northern community.

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