#Skylanders Swap Force and Trap Team by Cadence Tully via @sherritully

Hello there!! I haven’t done a post in a while but I’m back today. Today I’m going to talk about Skylanders. You might know what it is because your kids may have asked for it for Christmas. Santa brought me Skylanders this Christmas. I was pretty happy.

There are a few different types of Skylanders, like Swap Force or Trap Team. Swap Force the Skylanders can switch body’s and that will change the character completely (so if I had Trap Shadow and Magna Charge and swapped their bodies, they would then turn into Trap Charge and Magna Shadow).  Trap Team is the Skylander game that lets you trap your enemies once you have defeated them. This is the one I have. Here is a picture of my characters:


Once you have trapped your enemies, you can then play as them. There are different traps that you need to capture them (Air Trap, Water Trap, Tech Trap, Magic Trap, Undead Trap, Life Trap, and a few more) Here is a picture of a few traps that I have:


Well that’s all that I have for today. Hope you liked it. Did your kids get Skylanders this Christmas? If so, let me know by leaving a comment down below.


Cadence Tully

answerthetullyphone#Skylanders Swap Force and Trap Team by Cadence Tully via @sherritully

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  1. jay nelson

    Yes my son did! And now I am stuck buying new traps and characters on a regular basis. His sisters have started to ask when they are going to presents outside of Xmas and b-days too. But it is a great game – I love the graphics.

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