Make Earth Day everyday with #EarthRangers by Cadence Tully via @sherritully


Have you heard of Earth Rangers? As an Earth Ranger, your goal is to protect animals, their habitat and our planet by completing animal saving missions. I have become an Earth Ranger just recently and I love it. Becoming an Earth Ranger, I was sent an official Earth Ranger card with my own ID and name on it.


My first mission that I ever completed



Operation Conservation


For The Birds

As an Earth Ranger you get to complete missions and receive online badges. My first mission was called “For The Birds”. For this mission, I had to make a bird feeder out of a recycled bottle. Within a few hours, we had birds feeding at my feeder. It was awesome. Just recently I finished another mission called “Operation Conservation”.  We needed to find Earth Rangers most wanted and protect our home from 7 energy wasting culprits. I also have recently started a campaign to help save the Eastern Wolves. You don’t need to raise a lot but every little bit counts. At the end of your own campaign, depending on how much you have raised, you will receive rewards.One of my friends is an Earth Ranger and he also loves it. He’s helping the polar bears by doing as much as he can to help our environment. There are MANY animals that need help and so many fun things to do to help them.

Being an Earth Ranger is free so please head over and sign up or sign someone up who you think might enjoy being an Earth Ranger. You will have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our furry (and NON furry) friends need your help.


Leave a comment below if you know someone that is an Earth Ranger or would like to be one.


Earth Ranger Cadence

answerthetullyphoneMake Earth Day everyday with #EarthRangers by Cadence Tully via @sherritully

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  1. Wanda Tracey

    What a fantastic feature to read. I love how the Earth Rangers protect the animals and birds. They have some awesome goals and are doing a wonderful job. I support everything they do.

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