Summer is in full swing and with the help of Vector from Kellogg’s so am I. #Giveaway #Canwin 08/15


Summertime is our families favorite time of year, from camping the traditional way, spending weekends at the camp to walking the trails in hopes to see some wildlife. This being the case we would rather not spend our time cooking big breakfast meals or snacks taking time away from our activities and family which is where Vector comes into play.

granola-yogurt-answer-the-tullyphoneKellogg’s Vector Granola is a fantastic quick fix for us as it fuels us in the morning or in between meal snacks and meets the nutritional needs for our active days ahead. A 1/2 cup of Vector’s Honey Almond Flavour granola contains 5g of fibre and 10 vitamins and minerals. It can be used so many ways that I’m sure you will probably find ways to use it that suits your personal lifestyle specifically. My personal favorite way to enjoy Vector’s granola is mixed with yogurt and a different choice of fresh fruit each time, this way it doesn’t feel like I’m eating the same thing all the time.


Usually, after eating the granola, it keeps all three of us fueled straight through until lunch time but if we have pushed Kellogg-energy-bar-answer-the-tullyphoneourselves to the limit on a certain day, we bring a vector energy bar along for the adventure for an extra boost. If you have not tried Vector Granola, try it with milk or like I do with some of your favorite fresh fruit and yogurt and let us know what you think. Thanks to Kellogg’s we would love to give you the opportunity to win a prize package including products like we received above and give some lucky winner fuel to help their summer stay energized!


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  Rogers-logo-answer-the-tullyphoneAs a proud #RogersSI member, Rogers is keeping me connected this summer with some great loaned devices allowing me to work almost anywhere!!  

Disclosure; I was not compensated for this post, however, I do receive special perks as part of the Kellogger’s Network. All views and experiences are always that of our own unless otherwise stated

answerthetullyphoneSummer is in full swing and with the help of Vector from Kellogg’s so am I. #Giveaway #Canwin 08/15

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  1. Anne Taylor

    We spend a lot of time walking and hiking and we also go down to the beach and run after our grandchildren!

    1. Treen Goodwin

      we walk usually daily weather permitting with the dogs and swim quite often as well ! thanks for the chance !

  2. andrea amy

    I have 5 kids including 5, 6 and 8 year old boys so staying active isn’t really an issue. I don’t drive, so I walk everywhere that I can. Luckily I live in a community where almost everything we need is within walking distance (within about a 1/2 walk each way) and we rarely need to take the bus outside of the community. We walk A LOT.

  3. Jennifer P.

    We spend a lot of our time hiking, walking, swimming, playing at the park, kicking around a soccer ball, playing volleyball and tennis, and riding our bikes to keep active in the summer. Easiest time of the year to keep fit, for us anyway!

  4. Doris Calvert

    I am not active right now but we usually hike in the back country of the rockies, play baseball,water ski and a ton in the water, beach volley ball

  5. kathy downey

    We spend a lot of time walking and swimming at the beach but the weather is really cool here and never had a day warm enough for swimming

  6. Amber Y

    We stay active in the summer by going to the park whenever we can. we also swim at the grandparents when we visit.

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