Make the “Kids See Free” program at select Loblaw locations a back to school ritual!

Superstore Kids See Free program

School has started in some provinces of Canada and is about a week away in others. Parents are scrambling to get all the last-minute items before the stores run out, or sales end. Did you ever think about scheduling an eye appointment for your children before they start or early in the year? If not, you are not alone, but should be considered!

Signs your child’s sight could be deteriorating

  • Having difficulty Seeing
  • Sitting Close to the television, holding a book too close
  • Frequent Eye rubbing
  • Light sensitivity and or excessive tearing up
  • Closing one eye to read or watch tv
  • Avoiding computer usage as it hurts their eyes
  • Having trouble seeing the chalkboard
  • A sudden drop in grades

An annual eye exam, regardless of clear symptoms is necessary.



Sherri brought our daughter Cadence to the Real Atlantic Superstore, as they have a fantastic program running right now. Loblaw has committed to helping parents realize the importance of eye health and getting examined before school starts. The “Kids See Free” program, offered in Loblaw Optical departments provide children ages 4-10 years old, with a pair of free frames valued at up to $49.00 and kids safe polycarbonate lenses for free. This program is available at the Optical Department located select Real Atlantic Superstore® and Dominion® store locations in Atlantic Canada.

Eye health is important and the kids see free program at Loblaw is fantatic.

I get it, it’s a time of year with a lot going out, between clothing and stationary. The thing is, if we are sending our children to school to learn, well, it’s time for parents to think about one of their child’s most critical assets – their eyes. Did you know that 35 percent of parents are not planning to have their child’s eyes tested before school starts. 27 percent say the reason for not doing so is that they feel their child sees fine!

The superstore has a great selection of kids frames and you may get them free.

Ok, so your child happened to need specks. Now what? Well, if they are anything like most children I know, getting them to wear them can sometimes be a challenge. Let’s face it, it is a change, and people do not like changes. There are things you can do to help ease them into it. When choosing glasses, make it fun!  Mentioning a favorite character, musician or actor that the glasses may be similar to can help making a choice. Once they have their new glass, the big one? Make it part of their morning routine, like after washing their face, to put them on, and praise them for putting them on without asking first. Glasses can be one of a child’s first items they can be personally responsible for and a great tool in teaching it. Show them proper care, or if you don’t personally wear them, the optician will surely help with it. Should your child play any sports, talk to your eye care professional about the best option as having a proper pair for both sight and safety is like having the proper tool to do a job. A football player doesn’t bring a tennis racquet to a game, if you see where I’m coming from.

It is much easier to learn if you can see

Remember, eye exams are NOT only to see how a person’s vision is. Experts say that starting at 6 months old, everyone should be having their eyes examined at a rate of once per year. Have you a friend with a lazy/crossed eyes? Did you know that it may have been able to be corrected, should it have been diagnosed at an early age? My mother always told me, and I now tell my daughter, “you only have two eyes, take care of them!” Other problems can be found when getting examined, such as; diabetes, vitamin A deficiency, high blood pressure, retinal diseases, irritable bowel syndrome as well as tumors. In our opinion, it really isn’t expensive with this program to get your child seen and equipped if necessary. The true cost? That only comes if you choose to do nothing about it!

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however, any and all views and or experiences are always that of our own unless otherwise stated.

answerthetullyphoneMake the “Kids See Free” program at select Loblaw locations a back to school ritual!

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