Back to school clothes, for us, means back to Sears! #GotItAtSears

Back to school back to Sears

Back to school clothes, for us, means back to Sears! #GotItAtSears

Sears has been our families choice for years, family members have worked there in the past, and has been our location for savings. How many stores can you go to, other than Sears, and get a complete outfit, (head-to-toe) for under $100? We know there isn’t many, when you have to take quality into consideration, and that dreaded time for parents is indeed on our calendar again. Yes, That’s right, “Back to school” is upon us once again, and having a tween, the cost of school supplies add up quick. So heading to Sears, as we have done every other year just makes sense. 

 Cadence and her BTS bag
Our daughter, Cadence, is at that age where fashion is starting to be important to her. That being said, it’s a win-win situation for all of us. She gets to Choose items that she likes the look of, and we are able to get more for less. When I said head-to-toe, I meant exactly that! The Sears Canada Label had everything Cadence could ever want and more, from tops and pants to shoes and accessories. Cadence put together five complete outfits, including footwear for less than $200. The fact is, those five could be changed up to create others too. Check out the outfits she came up with below. We wanted to also make it easy for you to grab an item you may like, so the links for each are under the pictures for you to visit Sears directly. 

OUTFIT 1What Ever outfit

Items seen: 


OUTFIT 3Off the shoulder outfit


OUTFIT 4 Really top outfit

Items seen: 

 Boys’ “Red Wagon” Canvas Sneaker
Big Girls’ Brushed Knit Hoodie
Big Girls’ Knit Leggings


OUTFIT 5Are you kitten me outfit

Items seen: 


If you inspect the quality of the Sears Canada labelled product, I’m sure you will see the work that has gone into ensuring your satisfaction with it. We have been very pleased with the items picked up on this visit and the visit before. All of these outfits under $200, tax included, picked out by Cadence to ensure her likeness, puts a huge smile on all our faces. Thanks to my sponsor, Sears Canada, we are able to offer one of our readers a head start with their shopping too. How does winning a $300 shopping spree sound, to kick off a family members back to school wardrobe?



Sears Canada



Disclosure: We were compensated for this post, but jumped at the opportunity to be part considering our family history with the brand and that we shop there each year anyway. Unless otherwise stated, all view and or opinions are always that of our own. 

answerthetullyphoneBack to school clothes, for us, means back to Sears! #GotItAtSears

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  1. Lynda Cook

    My granddaughter is on my list and I like to help my daughter out with her back to school shopping, the biggest and hardest item is shoes, she needs 3 pairs for school, outdoor, indoor and gym shoes!

  2. Cady Bisschop

    We are shopping for our son, 5, who is going into kindergarten. Everything has been pretty easy to find this far, however, we still are in need of a good pair of indoor shoes for

  3. Alison Braidwood

    I buy some back to school stuff for my nieces. The 5 year old is hardest to shop for, as what’s “cool” changes day by day. At the moment a My Little Pony backpack is on the wish list.

  4. Julie

    I have BTS shopping for all 4 of my kids. Lots to buy of course and shoes is always a priority and difficult to find the right ones in the right size for the right price! Will definitely be hitting up Sears for shoes!

  5. Viv Sluys

    My school age kids are 9,7, and 5. My 9 yr old is the hardest to shop for because she is very picky about clothes. Pants in particular are difficult.

  6. kristen visser

    On my daughters back to school shopping list is pretty much everything. Long sleeves, Cardigans, Jeggings, Leggings and Shoes! The shoes will be the hardest thing to find and pick out. My daughter is autistic and picky with her clothing and shoes (has to be the right material for the clothes) but for shoes she only likes running shoes and it’s always hard the first couple times she wears a new pair of shoes

  7. Shelley N

    My 2 sons 17 and 19 are on my back to school shopping list . Finding pants that they like is the hardest item to find especially since many of them are not quite the right size when they are “inbetween” sizes. They are decently tall and slimmer so it can be difficult.

  8. Rosanne Robinson

    My grandson is on our list for back to school shopping and the hardest to find item is comfortable, stylish, good quality shoes.

  9. Chris C

    Back to school list: new clothing and shoes that fit growing bodies. Hardest to find are the “just right” picks that express originality/unique colours/designs that are individual to each child’s likes!

  10. Marlene Unruh

    grandson is on my list, ready to do our back to school shopping trip, but he is so tall and thin, its hard to find the right size jeans for him.

  11. Wanda Tracey

    I have nine out of eleven going back to school and one going back to colledge,The oldest girls are definitely the hardest to shop for.They are always looking for good shoes and good quality back packs that are well made and sturdy to carry all their books.

  12. Karen Blank

    My 13 year old grandson is on the list this year but the problem is he’s already six foot and would make a great football player so clothes are hard to shop for.

  13. Amy Heffernan

    Clothing for my boys is on my list this year. My son wants these new LED light up sneakers apparently you can charge them. Cant find them anywhere. Thanks!

  14. Alayne Langford

    Shoes are on the top of the list because of the indoor/outdoor policy! I would love to shop for back to school at Sears for my own kids and my grandkids!!

  15. Tara Betterley

    My hard to find items this year is my daughters art supplies – I have to go to speciality stores to get it all.. My son wants a new laptop that won’t be that hard to get.

  16. Sarah H

    My mom is actually the one going beck to school this year and I’d like to help her out. She’s doing a business administration program and the students are supposed to dress professionally for their classes, the way they would at work, but she’s having a hard time finding affordable clothes.

  17. Holly myke

    I have 2 daughters going back to school. They are aged 10 & 7.

    My 7 year old I had no issues finding anything for. Face it, at 7 they will go along with whatever mom thinks is a good pick.

    My 10 year old on the other hand has grown this summer. She is 5’6 now! I’m having a tough time with which department to shop in for her. Seems to be slim pickings in the children’s sections but women’s she is not completely fitting into some areas of their clothing.

    And feet.. we are talking women’s size 8! I don’t know how we passed a whole bunch of sizes this summer thank god for flip flops bring so cheap!

  18. Janet M

    My granddaughter is on my list and she loves capris but they are often hard to find in fall colors and weights and just the right color for her.

  19. Darwin Chau

    I have to shop for all the kids this year because they are all starting school. The hardest item to find is a backpack they like.

  20. Leigh nash.

    Always find great clothes for the kids at Sears. My son in particular needs new pants as he’s growing like a weed.

  21. Jonnie

    I’m shopping for my kids and the hardest items for us to buy are shoes. They know exactly what they want but it’s not always easy to find and usually quite expensive!

  22. Vicki Hill

    My niece. She has a thing for unicorns and wants a lunch kit that had unicorns all over them.
    Sigh. Very difficult to find.

  23. Michelle K

    I will be doing back to school shopping for my sons. The hardest thing for me to find for them is a good pair of shoes.

  24. Krista M

    Both my kids are on my back to school shopping list. The hardest item to find is fitting my son into a good, comfortable & roomier pair of blue jeans.

  25. Jennifer P.

    My daughters are who we are doing back to school shopping for this year. One is starting kindergarten, so she mostly needs clothes and shoes. The hardest item to find so far has been a good backpack for my oldest.

  26. ivy pluchinsky

    Shopping for clothes is hard because my niece is tall and skinny, and her feet keep growing so we keep having to buy shoes for her.

  27. Jenn

    On our back to school shopping list are fall/winter clothes, a backpack, lunch kits, and shoes! The hardest item to find is a pair of shoes that has the character that she likes but that is also good quality and comfortable.

  28. Maritess Schrauwen

    I am shopping for my girls for school and the hardest to find is pants that fits them and they feel comfortable in.

  29. kathy downey

    My granddaughter is on my shopping list for ‘Back to school’ this year pants the hardest to find she is so tall and thin !

  30. Jolie

    My daughter needs so many things: a backback, a lunch box, new shoes and clothes. All very easy to find as long as she likes something 🙂

  31. Jenny B

    I will be back to school shopping with/for my son. So far we haven’t had any difficulty planning on what we need and want, but I think the biggest challenge will be clothing shopping (especially footwear).

  32. Stephanie

    I’m in university so I would be shopping for myself as well as my little sister who is going to grade 6. Fall jackets are hard to find!

  33. June Murphy

    Our grandson is on our Back to School list and the hardest thing to find is a backpack with an airplane and trucks on it

  34. Judy Cowan

    Nieces & Nephews are on the list, fun to get them a back to school gift. Finding clothes they like are definitely the hardest, looks like Sears might have some good options.

  35. Gillian Morgan

    I’m shopping for Sophie. She’s headed to grade 2 this year. The hardest thing for us to find right now is leggings especially black leggings.

  36. cheryl hodgkins

    My 3 granddaughters are on my list this year. Winter coats that are lightweight but warm and cozy are hard to find for them.

  37. Dana Miller

    A shopping spree sounds absolutely fantastic! My daughter is on my shopping list for ‘Back to school’. The hardest thing to find is clothing that fits her slim but tall body and is still age appropriate. It needs to fit in the length of the arms, legs, and waist but not look like she is swimming in it! Footwear is a great expense for her too but I am definitely going to look forward to saving and saying #GotItAtSears.

  38. Lisa

    I will be shopping for my daughter. There isn’t anything in particular that is hard to find with online shopping/options… but I always have a hard time picking out shoes and jackets.

  39. Amanda Fontaine

    Of my three children, one is school aged and she is the hardest to shop for… She is 12 and she needs to be there to say yes or no to everything now!

  40. Shelley Hickey

    My son is on my list for back to school shopping this year and he is super picky! No buttons on his shirts, no graphics, no bright colours, no jeans…… so clothing is the hardest thing for me to buy for him without me being there.

  41. Pam

    For back to kindergarten I want some new shoes and tall boots. I am able to find everything that I need but my son is a little more picky.

  42. Michelle Policelli

    Shoes, tshirts, long sleeve shirts, pants/jeans and hoodies for my nephew is on my back to school shopping list this year, finding the shoes i think will be the hardest because he needs indoor shoes, outdoor shoes and gym shoes!

  43. Erin W

    I’m trying to find some comnfy long sleeved dresses for my daughter, it’s harder this year as she’s grown taller, but not wider. It’s hard to find dresses that are long enough and actually fit!

  44. Jenn Beckett jennpup

    My daughter wants comfy yoga pants but she is so picky – so that makes them hard to find. They have to be soft, boot cut and ‘just right’ (whatever that means). Sears might just be able to help, thanks for all the tips!

  45. Clair Palmer

    my boys are on my shopping list, and so far the hardest thing we have been getting is a fall/rain coat, they have not found what they like yet

  46. Glogirl

    If I were heading back to school, on my list would be t-shirts, shoes and jeans. The hardest thing to find would be a lightweight yet warm fall jacket.

  47. Kristi F

    Clothes for our family is on our back to school list this year and finding the ones everyone likes at the right price can be a bit tricky.

  48. Heather Howard

    I have a son who is 9 and a daughter who is 8 that are in need of some new #BTS clothing and footwear.
    Our priority is comfy footwear, my daighter is the hardest to please.
    I love the quality of clothes Sears carries, thanks for the opportunity to #win .
    Good luck everyone!

  49. Tammi L.

    My daughter is on the list and what makes it hard is that she is in adult sizes. I don’t want her looking like she’s dressing to go clubbing and she doesn’t want to dress like an old lady. LOL. The hardest items are tops!

  50. LisaM

    I have one 6 year old and shoes are the hardest to find for me – he’s not exactly the best at saying whether they fit or not lol

  51. Josie Tusa

    My kids are on the list for back to school shopping. The hardest item to find is comfortable shoes that are durable and fit well.

  52. Krystal Kristiansen

    Ramping up our back to school shopping for Easton. After cleaning out his closet hes down to only 4 t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts! This kid grew like a weed this summer! Thankful for good prices and good quality from Sears!!

  53. Darren Scrubb

    M y niece is on my list . She truly is serious about her wardrobe, so I know it will be difficult to buy what she wants.

  54. Dawn gordon

    It was the backpack this year

    Very picky because my daughter wanted multiple pockets on it

    And of course sneakers that actually fit both feet properly is a challenge when still growing

  55. Melanie Hayes

    Teen daughter just entering grade 12 and older sister entering Collage, and the hardest thing to find good footwear

  56. Darcy Koch

    My 3 grandsons are on my shopping list. The hardest item to find right now are a lightweight jacket. At least one any of them will wear.

  57. Brenda Penton

    My two sons are on my list. The youngest one has autism and he is SO picky about how clothes fit so he is the hardest to shop for.

  58. Cairine

    My niece is starting school this year and will need a new wardrobe and school supplies. She’s fussy, everything may be hard to find.

  59. Angela Massis

    I have to buy for my teenage twins and they both need a fall jacket and shoes. The toughest thing will be loving their choices. I know they have an image and I have a budget. This giveaway will definitely help!

  60. lynn clayton

    my son clothes in general are hard as my son has autism and hates anything on him and will only where cotton material type clothing

  61. josephine evans

    I am shopping for my son who is 7. The item I think is the hardest for me to find would have to be sneakers. I am on the hunt next week for these! Sears it is!

  62. Catherine Robichaud

    I have one son that is still in University so I help him get what he needs for back to school. This year he really needs some new pants and shoes.

  63. Karla Sceviour

    wow,great outfits! I am doing some shopping for myself,and my 18yo!! Cheap quality stylish jeans are hard to find!

  64. Sue B

    My granddaughter is entering college. She’s ex-treeemely fashion conscious and incredibly fussy. I’d love to just hand over the $300 shopping trip to her and let her shop till she drops!

  65. Anita D.

    My back to school shopping is all about my step son. We have already finished half of the shopping but still need some sweaters. They have been hard to find.

  66. Julie Bolduc

    My 2 girls are on my back to school list I find the hardest thing is a pencil case they need a big one but it has to also be cute they say lol

  67. michelle tremblett

    We still have to get notebooks and backpacks, I am actually having a hard time finding my son a good backpack, he is in high school and has so many large, heavy books and finding a big enough, strong backpack has been a problem.

  68. michelle matta

    a little girl and a little boy, 4 and 6.. and the hardest thing to find is shoes. whether its the style they want, the hardiness i want, or the price we all need.. despite sales its not easy. and every aisle is a mess right now bc of the time of year.

  69. Suzanne G

    I have my 2 grandchildren are on my list as I love to shop for them with my daughter. The hardest thing to find are the different shoes they need for school.

  70. Iain M

    Shopping for clothes for my 2 kids is hard right now: both are at growth stages that are in-between typical sizing. Most items are either too small or too big.

  71. Andrea Amy

    My 7, 8 and 10 year old sons are on my Back to School shopping list. The item I have the hardest time finding are hoodies that are affordable that the boys actually like and want to wear.

  72. Theresa C.

    We have two daughters going to college, one in high school, and a grandson starting school – but the hardest thing to find is clothes for the high schooler! 😉

  73. ducky

    My great nephew is on my shopping list. He’s small for his age so finding something that fits AND is age appropriate is a problem.

  74. Treen Goodwin

    My Grandson is on my shopping list , its hard to find clothes that fit him right , he’s a tiny little guy 🙂

  75. Chris MacDonald

    My grandson is on my list for back to school and shopping and the hardest item to find for him is a nice warm jacket

  76. Rhonda

    It’s my godson that is heading back to grade 4. His Birthday is next week too. At this age he is more picky on what he will wear and so shopping for him is a challenge.

  77. Carla Black

    I just started a new job this back to school season so I’m shopping for me! I’m having trouble finding affordable yet comfortable business casual clothing.

  78. Jocelyne Roy

    My grandson is starting school this year. Can’t believe it. He wants some cool lego shirts. Having a hard time finding some.

  79. Cheryl H

    I have 2 kids going to school this year and I’m finding it difficult to shop for both as they both need vastly different supplies for school. I am having issues finding all the supplies needed for our oldest as he seems to need a lot more things for school

  80. Tara

    I have 2 teenagers to buy for and my son is the hardest. He has suddenly got very picky and doesn’t like anything. Gone are the days i could shop without him. Tshirts that he likes are the hardest for me.

  81. Ira

    I’m done with school shopping for my kids. I always find it hard to find the right lunch bag, the one that will hold the thermos food jar upright, but won’t be so huge that it takes up all the space in the backpack.

  82. Kimberley Graham

    I usually take my niece back to school shopping.The hardest item to find for her is pants.She’s very tall,so we usually have a hard time find pants or jeans that fit well. But we always have a fun time on our shopping sprees. 🙂 🙂

  83. Pinkie

    We are shopping for my son in high school who prefers expensive branded clothing, but we are hoping to find things he likes for lower prices at stores like sears who sell branded clothing at lower prices.

  84. Helene Monette

    Tween Daughter (12) and 10 years Down Syndrome’s son.
    Clothes that are “trendy” yet affordable for my daughter.

  85. Tina L.

    Shopping for my nieces and nephew. Shoes are the hardest to buy because they go through them so fast and also want good quality and comfortable ones.

  86. summer plewes

    I have a teen that is headed back to school for his final year and we still have tons to buy. The hardest for him are shoes. He likes certain kinds only and they are difficult to find the style and size he wants.

  87. Rita

    Over the years the hardest to find and fit ‘back to school’ item would be inside /gym shoes. Non-marking eliminates a lot of choices and a young girl’s fashion sense makes it that much more challenging.

  88. Kathy

    I have shopped at Sears for years buying everything from clothes, footwear and all my small and major appliances. I visit the store near me frequently and it find it sad to see the store pretty much deserted. Possibly on line shopping the culprit but there is still some of us who like to shop hands on.

  89. AD

    My two kiddos are on my back to school list; I have a tough time finding the correct athletic shoes and shirts for the older one and well fitting pants for the younger one.

  90. MaryG

    I’m BTS shopping for two daughters and a son! I always struggle with footwear for them…hard to find the right size and style each one likes.

  91. Sandra McG

    my granddaughter is on my shopping list for back to school. she is 13 and getting to that really picky stage. she is a shoe diva so getting shoes that we all can agree with can be a struggle. also finding jeans that aren’t too long can be kind of hard as well!

  92. gayle bellemare

    I have a boy and 2 girls on my bts list this year with pants & shoes being tricky. If the pants are long enough they are too baggy, if the fit is right, they are too short. Similar issue with shoes….guess they’ll be growing into some items this year 🙂 Love shopping at Sears and would love to finish this shopping off there.

  93. Pauline Milner

    We are having trouble finding durable backpacks and I am now turning to the Internet to find them. From the selection available online, this is the way to purchase what we are looking for. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  94. AmandaR

    I’m was so sad to hear such an icon as Sears was in creditors protection as a child I would spend hours going through and circling my favourite toys and clothing in the Sears Catalog. I hope you get back on your feet and the catalog remains – it’s what made Sears. I have 5 children and my husband job runs out in Oct. of this year. We are worried and scared but know something will come up hopefully but he has CP so many people judge him before even knowing just how smart he truly is, he has a good education but because he walks with crutches they instantly judge so employment is 20x harder to get- so I would be deeply grateful for any amount.

  95. Patti Barnes

    Our daughter Evey ‘s hard to shop for because she is only nine but is big for her age, so she generally wears 14 / 16-year-olds clothes. It can be challenging to find clothes that aren’t too adult for her that fit.

  96. Lisa Neutel

    I am shopping for my 13 year old son and 16 year old daughter and to answer whos hardest is def. my daughter shes super picky about her clothes

  97. Caryn Coates

    Backpacks, lunch bags, binders, paper, pens and pencils and we had a difficult time finding a Spiderman backpack in our town but I did find one from out of town

  98. Travelbuds

    I have 2 kids heading back to school, one of which is heading to high school for the first time. I basically need all new clothes as my kids have grown so much over the summer.

  99. Shannon

    My oldest has a school uniform so we are off the hook for her! BUT my youngest is a fussy lil fashionista and she “needs” a whole new wardrobe. Looks like we can do it at Sears without breaking the bank.

  100. Sab Edwards

    SHOES THAT last to Christmas break..thats the hardest thing to find lol…yeah you can find shoes but will they actually LAST? chances are zero

  101. Jennifer L.

    I only have to buy for my son but he doesn’t like shopping and I find it especially hard to find shoes that he’ll wear or that fit.

  102. Nicole B

    I have to buy for my two boys (4 and 6). They are pretty easy really. All we need is white shirts, navy pants and backpacks. Everything else is really included. The hardest thing is to find a backpack that can last the year!

  103. Kim K

    Great outfits she got and a nice selection of shoes too! The hardest thing to find is a good fall coat that’s not too cool nor too hot.

  104. Wanda Tracey

    You did a great job Cadence of picking out some really cute outfits for school.My little grandson is the hardest to shop for because he is tall but very tiny in the waist and hips.#GotItAtSears. 🙂

  105. christina barany

    My daughter is on my list, hardest item to find is that “stylish” backpack that doesn’t make you look like a camel with a huge hump on your back

  106. Eva Mitton-Urban

    My son has always been Backpack Challenged – zipper constantly comes off the track. Hard to find item – a durable – last the school year – Backpack. Teenage friendly.

  107. Tannis W

    A winter jacket and snow pants would be on our shopping list. I have to say, panties are the worst thing to shop for for girls. I want my kiddos butt covered and no permanent wedgie please.

  108. Carol Sauve

    My daughter Isabella is on my back to school list. The hardest item to find is shirts as she has a longer body and, because she’s only 9 and bigger for her age, she often has to find things in the ladies’ department which makes it harder to find “cute” clothes suitable for young girls. Sears usually has everything we need!

  109. Erica Seaman

    I have to back to school shop for my Son & Daughter. We found an awesome “Cool” puffy winter jacket that my teen will actually wear @Sears in Moncton. 🙂

  110. Darci Paice

    my sons – they need runners that are cool and functional and backpacks that are sturdy and stylish. Also..jeans, and new socks and underwear!

  111. Judy hunting

    Pencil case, markers, pencil crayons, glue stick, scissors, ruler, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener. The hardest item a Peppa Pig bakcpack

  112. Julia H

    Since I don’t have kids, I seem to always end up helping friends with their back to school shopping! I don’t mind at all; I’m happy to be a part of my friend’s kids lives. The hardest thing to find so far, to be honest, is decent clothing for the girls – a lot of it is really short/tight, etc. One trick has been to just buy boys’ clothing for them, as it’s more comfortable, easier for them to move around and play in, and not so revealing.

  113. Minnie

    My son, who is now finding it hard to choose backpack. Must be hitting that age. Thanks for the chance to win a prize that will offset our expenses!

  114. Carina Vause

    I am shopping for my son and the hardest thing to find is a practical backpack that wont fall apart or look grubby after just a few weeks.

  115. Lisa Romine

    I have been shopping for my granddaughter at Sears. She’s two. She goes to daycare. She calls it “school.” It’s so cute!

  116. Betty S

    My back to school shopping list includes cool outfits for my 4 nieces and 2 nephews. I always like to get them something special to start the year. I am having difficulty finding pants for one of my nieces because she is a beanpole and very tall

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