Don’t Be Caught Stream-less When Travelling During The Holidays!

We all know life happens and believe me when I say that I feel it the most this time of year. I can’t control what time things are happening, especially since the holidays bring extra school happenings, gatherings and the dreaded Christmas shopping to complete. Scheduling some, “me time” may mean you watching an episode of Riverdale, or Stranger Things while sitting in a half warm vehicle, a bathroom or who knows.

What, you can do that? YES, you can! I’ve made use many times of the download to watch later feature of Netflix and can’t tell you enough how useful it is as a father, parent and streamer. Picture these scenarios and imagine being able to take advantage of this service, all-the-while remembering you don’t need Internet service where you watch, after downloading. 
  • You are in the last week before Christmas and your significant other wants to spend some time at the mall, but doesn’t want to drive….


  • Travelling hours to a family members house, or even back and forth multiple times locally during Christmas break and your child begins to have a holiday meltdown….


  • What seems like the entire village has arrived at a family members home for the holidays and you just need a few moments a quality me time before you face it….
There is seriously something for everybody to get in on the downloading, and it’s so easy to do! Check out the Available for Downloadmenu on the Netflix app on your mobile or tablet device and browse all of the titles available to take with you whenever and wherever you want.The reasons to download really don’t end, and they don’t have to knowing the service is there when and if you need it. The only thing that truly matters is what to download, and did you do it? A friendly piece of advice, check it and check it often. You don’t want to be stream-less for the holidays!











Did you know that there is now a  Netflix Family Facebook page . It’s home to all of the latest show and movie updates for your family on Facebook. This month, Netflix wants to hear all about your family’s travel nightmares (or miracles) that you’ve experienced. If you share your stories, photos or quotes with them, you have a chance to be featured on the Netflix Family Facebook page and in the Stream Team app. Submit your travel nightmares and miracles to us via email and let us know if you have any questions.



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Disclosure: Our family received some items to help our Streamteam experience, however, we are part of Netflix Canada’s Streamteam which we receive perks from without monetary compensation, any and all views and or experiences are always that of our own unless otherwise stated. #Sponsored


answerthetullyphoneDon’t Be Caught Stream-less When Travelling During The Holidays!

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