Deck Your Halls & Rooms For The Holidays From Best Buy.

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored in part by Best Buy Canada, however, we chose them as our sole location when considering this bedroom project. As always, any and all views and or opinions are that of our own unless otherwise stated.

The Holiday season is once again upon us. It is extra special in our household as our daughter Cadence was born on December 14th, 2006. Every year since, it has been extra special to celebrate what we feel was the best Christmas present we could have received. Cadence is now at the age that she is looking for a mature change in her bedroom environment, and with some help from Best Buy Canada, she now has a room that she feels great spending time in.

Did you know that Best Buy Canada has everything you need to outfit just about every room in your home?

Unless you were in the position of looking for ideas to finish, create or renew a rooms look like we were, you probably didn’t realize they stocked as many furnishing items as they do. Am I wrong? Outside of some very particular accessorizing items, we were able to outfit Cadence’s entire bedroom, (outside of paint of course). Guess what the two best features of the entire process were? There was absolutely no shipping fees and we did the shopping for the items comfortably at home on Take a look below at the before and after pictures.



Cadence room before renovation




The changes, as you can clearly see is quite drastic! although I loved the loft bed, (which I made) it made the room seem so plain. I had not realized how plain, until the transformation was complete. Our reasoning for the loft bed was to give Cadence more room with her toys and for those, “spur of the moment” dance sessions with friends. She is now an avid gamer and was also in need of a work space to complete her school work. The transition allows her to do all of this, within the comfort of a bedroom and have a look that fits her current mood/style. 

ITEMS WE SELECTED enabled us to give a gift to our daughter that was completely practical, yet not something you would normally think of doing. We would have probably put this off until after the holidays, then considered she may actually like the idea of receiving the change as a gift and spoke with her about it. Although she knew her room was being done and was able to select her paint color choice, she had no idea about the rest of the process. This way, we could still surprise her with the reveal. In the end, Cadence ends up with a new bedroom for both an early birthday and Christmas present. We end up scoring high with best parent points, saving money with the great prices at Best Buy and refreshing a room at the same time. The results, we think, are a win all around!

We would not only recommend using, but also the idea of choosing to refresh a family members room as a gift. It can seriously be done with a pretty minimal budget. Over a period of two weeks and multiple deliveries, (we added items) we had many items delivered by courier from and had zero issues. This being said, I would do it all over again and not have any fear of damaged items. 



Cadence now spends more enjoyable time in her new oasis than ever before. She loves it, her friends love it and we are extremely happy with the end result. We are really looking forward to refinishing our own bedroom in the near future and will be sure to go through the website for inspiration and selection. 

What room will you redo, build or complete with today?




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answerthetullyphoneDeck Your Halls & Rooms For The Holidays From Best Buy.

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  1. Lynda Cook

    Awesome bedroom, I love that loft bed, but her new room is so grown up and I love the colour theme as well, great job!! by the looks of the video I think she approves!!

    1. Post

      Thanks so much Lynda. Yes she loves it so much that she is spending a lot of time enjoying it alone and with friends….. Now we have to schedule time lol.

  2. Florence Cochrane

    The bedroom is very pretty. I love the shade of paint on the walls. I have to visit Best Buy for a few supplies. I will definitely be checking out the whole store.

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