Just For The Holidays, Available For A Limited Time At McDonald’s!

McDonalds Holiday Meal 2017

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The holiday season is upon us once again. Everyone is being pulled in multiple directions, between shopping and working. Don’t get hangry! If you have never heard the term, “hangry” before, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as this. “bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.” If you’re like me, you will perform better on a fueled body. Our recommendation? Visit your local McDonald’s Canada Restaurant and check out their limited time holiday offerings.

Just For The Holidays Meal McDonald's

McDonald’s has gone “Seriously Chicken” this holiday season, and with the limited time addition of their Maple & Cheddar Grilled or Crispy Chicken Sandwich, we can definitely see how serious they are about chicken! It is made with Canadian grain-fed seasoned chicken breast, crispy onions, cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, tomato and maple and mustard sauce on a Brioche-style bun. You have the choice of both, grilled or crispy chicken. Our preference is the crispy, but it is completely a matter of opinion and taste. The flavors mesh together so well, that when I had taken a bite I already wished I had purchased two! Don’t worry, it’s not that they are not filling, as they totally are. Pair your chicken sandwich with the also, limited time offered, Parmesan & Garlic seasoned fries that are equally full of flavor, served hot, crispy and fresh. McDonald’s has a great assortment of ice-cold beverages, or hot should you prefer to wash down this great meal. 

McFlurry Gif

I’m a desert person, and our daughter Cadence has definitely followed in my footsteps in that respect. If you too are a desert lover, McDonald’s added a Caramel Chocolate Shortbread McFlurry to their limited time holiday offering you have to try! It is made with their amazing and creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream and is swirled together with delicious caramel, and chocolate shortbread.   

Want a way to make ordering at McDonald’s even more enjoyable? There’s an app for that! I use it almost daily, even if it’s just for a coffee and muffin in the morning. Why? I can place my order on the app in the morning when I get up, do my morning school bus runs and when I get to the restaurant parking lot my app lets me choose if I want a code to use at the drive-thru, pickup at the counter, or even a table number to have it dropped at. How amazing is that? Our family absolutely loves this feature and highly recommend you download it and give it a try. It had taken me a couple of uses to get the hang of how it works, but it’s actually quite easy and efficient. 

McDonald's Mobile Ordering

Get it for yourself by clicking below on your choice of used device! 




Now that you’re, “in-the-know” we won’t keep you from getting your cravings for these items taken care of and would love to hear in the comment section which of the mentioned items ended up being your favorite. Enjoy, happy holidays, and if you’re in my area don’t be surprised if we pass each other with a McFlurry or two this holiday season!


answerthetullyphoneJust For The Holidays, Available For A Limited Time At McDonald’s!

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