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Streaming in 2017

It’s no secret in a Caramilk square that we are Netflix lovers. We have been Streamteam members for the past three years, sharing our faves as well as up and comers, but users for so much longer. 2017 is swiftly coming to a close and thinking back through our favorites is not hard, as we are still enjoying them today. Sometimes hiding in a corner somewhere, but hey, you have to get in your time wherever you can right? Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and visit our faves of the year and what’s to come! 

Firstly, I can list any of these Netflix programs in any order of likeness because they are ALL that good! I mean, seriously, why would I be writing about them? We have more interest in telling you about the great shows we watched than to tell you, “hey you have to sit down and watch this show, it was so bad”! Am I right? All kidding aside though, have you checked out ATYPICAL this year? WOW! Directed by Seth Gordon, it’s a winner in our book as it was so full of emotions. How it makes you laugh, sad and everything in between. The series follow Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum and shows you his lifestyle in a way that makes you understand his autistic spectrum with a delivery that is a warm comedy. The mom (Jennifer Jason Leigh) seems to have somewhat of a handle on Sam, so it seems, with the feisty sister and father struggling to understand how to live together. Make no mistake, I can’t say how true to fact the story is, but I do see many similarities with students I transport on my school bus daily that are in the Autistic Spectrum. Sherri and I both would rate Atypical high and if it were a star scenario, it would be a solid 4.5 out of 5. 


Stranger Things


What show is set in Hawkin’s, Indiana during the 1980’s? I’ll give you a hint, “Eleven”. Was that a fair enough hint? I’m sure if you are any type of fan you would know with the town name alone that I’m speaking of STRANGER THINGS. This year we were into its second season and ohhhhh my goodness it’s great, Sherri isn’t a fan, but I think it’s amazing. A science fiction-horror that will have you reeling. Secret experiments into supernatural created a portal to a dimension known in the series as “the upside down”. This dimension is throwing off the way people are living in the small town in ways that I can’t describe other than outlandish. It all starts with the abduction of a boy by a creature from the dimension and a search ensued. Eleven, a girl with some very special psychic powers escapes from the lab where the experiments were taking place, befriending the lost boys friends in hopes of finding him. I’ve said enough to get you itchy, the second season is now available and if you have yet to watch, it’s time. Sherri isn’t a Sci-fi type of person, and watched some, but couldn’t get into it. Myself, I’m not a buff and like some, but would give it a hard 5 star! It begs of you to watch the next episode and is totally binge-worthy. 


Downton Abbey


I can’t tell you about the year without speaking of a show Sherri is absolutely enthralled with that I just can’t spend time with. Downton Abbey! No, it’s not current as it finished in 2015, but nonetheless still a series people are much in love with. Sherri explains it as a show as set in the very early 1900’s and speaks of the split live between upper, middle and lower class in Britain during that time. The series moves into further seasons with the discussions and news of the Titanic sinking, wars, scandals, elections and more. You can really tell from the speaking alone and the words used that there was a lot of work put into the making. A dramatic, true to history type feeling is had when watching and makes you feel like you lived it with the characters. Sherri would definitely give it a 5 as she has watched the complete series for the first time this year and then twice again after. Maybe I need to give it another chance?


Mako Mermaids


Our daughter Cadence? Well, that was too hard of a question for her to answer. Asking her, “what was your favorite Netflix show this year?” only brought the answer, “I have to pick one?” We can’t blame her! She will tell you, however, that she watch many shows she enjoyed a lot, like Mako Mermaids, Victorious, My Little Pony and the list goes on and on. She just can’t possibly narrow it down to one, and truthfully, why should she? We as parents have noticed that her tastes are moving more towards the tween shows as she is growing up. Insert dad groan, and a few tears.


dad cry

Like Cadence, it’s hard to narrow down a favorite of the year, so we would never want final decision for an award show. If you asked any of us about recommendations though, how much time do you have? So much to watch from the past, present and upcoming that Netflix will likely always be our source of household entertainment for years to come. Their Netflix Originals are so well done that I don’t think I’ve watched one yet that I could rate lower than a 4 – 4.5 and that’s the lowest! 

The Holiday season is upon us, and Netflix has not only one of our favorite Christmas movies, “Elf”, but so many more to enjoy alone, with friends or family. It’s as easy as booting up whatever you choose to stream on, click search and type in “Christmas”. Oh and schedule some down time, as you will need it to decide what you will watch! 

Netflix Christmas Screenshot


This being our last Netflix post of 2017, we want to remind you as well that ringing in the New Year with the kids, is easy and fun, with some great options from Netflix. As of December 26th, a link will be added to the page that will link to a selection of great countdown videos. Included in the selection are; Word Party, Beat Bugs, True and the Rainbow Kingdom, Trollhunters, Pororo, All Hail King Julien, Skylanders Academy, Puffin Rock and Larva. Pretty great choice, we think!


Pro tip: You DON’T have to wait for midnight to celebrate with the young ones! The countdown can be played at whatever time suits your needs. Hit play, celebrate and while they are off to slumberland, you can enjoy your adult celebration further. 




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    Pick a favorite would be difficult.We got netflix last Fall and now we are addicted,there just not enough hours in a day ….

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