Win Some Of Our Must Haves Holiday Gift Guide For 2017!

Our Holiday gift guide is filled with items that were provided to us, however, you must know that each and every one of the items were chosen by us. We either contacted the brand, or hand-picked items from brands whom contacted us. This way, as always, we can speak to you about items our family would want to either see under our Christmas tree or gift this holiday season. Read more to see what items for the household, for tech lovers and for children we will have in our home this holiday season. 

Items are in no particular order of popularity, but only kept in a category so you can get right to what you want. We can easily recommend purchase of any of the items within the post based upon our wants and needs and do not include any items in which are not a fit for our family.



The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ®

I can seriously say that Sherri and I both with we had gotten this item long ago. It has made meals, baking and everyday cooking so much more of a pleasure than a chore. We will actually be putting together a much bigger and better review of the product in a post of its very own, but couldn’t leave out gift guide go and feel it was complete without having it be part. We are looking forward to telling you about what we have done with it, more about what it can do for you and the fact that we LOVE having it inour lives. If you are looking for something for someone to help make their lives in the kitchen easier, I can say it and mean it with The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ®.


Imagine being able to cook for larger gatherings right from your counter-top! The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® allows you to do so much, from roasting up to a 14 lb turkey, slow cook pulled pork in your 5 litre Dutch oven, bake muffins in your standard 12 cup muffin tray, proof yeast for precision baking, broil salmon skin to crispy brown, achieve gently rising soufflés, dehydrate fruit and veg for healthy snack, and air-fry French fries, chicken wings, and more, to the desired golden, crispy texture. 

Available in multiple locations, as well as the Breville website, click here to purchase.



Air Response Air Purifier

Life happens within your house and it absolutely should. Along with it comes pets, dust and particles in the air so small that you can’t even see without a microscope. If I’m to be completely honest, I knew absolutely nothing about air purifiers when I started my research, but the Oreck brand has been around for a very long time, 1963 to be exact and started as a highly trusted brand in the U.S.  

Your air quality is important! If you think it’s not, let me ask you a question. Did you know that poor air quality in your home can lead to developed allergies and difficulties breathing? It’s TRUE! The features of the Oreck intrigued us and have already seen differences within our living area by using it over the past few weeks. 

  • Oreck Air Response Air Purifier features DustSense™ technology which automatically monitors, detects, and responds to the particles in your air
  • Powerful 2-stage filtration combines HEPA Media and Odour filters to capture 99% of particles
  • Designed for medium rooms such as kitchens, living rooms and large bedrooms
  • Air Quality Indicator Bar lets you know it’s working based on air quality
  • Replacement filter indicator plus built-in timer with auto shut-off

It operates quieter than either of us imagined, and although it is one of those items you can’t really see working, I was sold on the idea before noticing changes in our living area. Smells from the kitchen from cooking definitely dissipate more swiftly and we can’t wait to see how it works over a longer term. 

Check availability in store on the Canadian Tire website and/or click here to purchase.




GoPro Hero 6 Black Edition

We have been using the GoPro Hero series of action cameras since the beginning and absolutely love the versatility of them. They are pretty fantastic and with the introduction of the new Hero 6 Black edition, they are nothing short of amazing! At first glance, looking at the package, it’s very hard to tell that it is a new camera. Don’t let this fool you! The Hero 6 Black Edition is all about shining from within. That’s right! The changes GoPro made are NOT subtle either. 

The usage of their all new GP1 Chip delivers 2 times the performance over its predecessor, (Hero 5) and provides the best image yet. That to me, when doing my research is a pretty big feat! Imagine shooting 4K video at 60fps, 1080p at 240fps, and the ability to enable slow-motion. The playback of your sporting events, or life moments in super slow-motion will make them shine above all the rest. Swimming without an addition enclosure is possible down to 33 feet, (10 meters) but should you be a diver and looking for more, there are options available too. Voice activated features, like saying “GoPro Start Recording” to do just that. No more lost clips from taking off your device to start and then re-positioning. A touch screen for added ease of control and viewing screen. Low-light for great nighttime shots you will be set for your next adventure. We have used many action camera’s in the past and can tell you without a doubt that at this point none of them have come close to the versatility and quality of the GoPro. One of these days, I’d love to soar above the trees and get a higher perspective of things with their Karma drone, for now though I’m taking some amazing shots at ground level. Our family highly recommends, that if you are looking for an action camera, that GoPro be considered! Stay tuned for an un-boxing video as well. When complete, I will link back here as well.

Available in multiple locations, as well as the GoPro website, Click here for more information and to purchase.

NEW Nintendo 2DS!

Nintendo Canada sent the New Nintendo 2DS to us to try, (No I couldn’t keep it) along with a couple of games that we received digital copies of. At first glance, some may not see a difference, but being an avid gamer I did. The styling is really great! I see people using the DS of all ages and the new styling is definitely a game changer as to how many more will. It gave me a feeling of a carbon fiber looking item, stylish and wouldn’t clash with anything. Not that any of the past models have bothered me to take along anywhere. 

Nintendo 2DS

There are some fantastic new features to add to the already fantastic ones that have carried on with the brand. Firstly, you can’t deny the fun of exclusivity! Have fun adventures with characters like Mario™, Peach™, Yoshi™, Link™, and Pikachu™. The Nintendo 3DS family of systems are home to tons of high-quality games you can’t find anyplace else. Share your games! That’s right…. it has been a long know reality that games way back to the DS are compatible with the brand new systems today. Play all of your 3DS games in 2D on this system, watch your favorite Netflix show, or YouTube video, (wifi needed) shop the Nintendo E-store or connect with friends on Streetpass in the Mii Plaza. Nintendo is safe fun for every member of the family and something I would never give up, even though we love the new Switch, and it too comes with us when travelling. 

Available in multiple locations, as well as direct from the Nintendo website, Click here for more information and to purchase. 



Zoomer Show Pony

Rated 5+, you can now give your child the pony they always wanted without having to live on a farm or early morning hay feedings! Combining style and fashion, your child can feed, style and have their pony perform different tricks with a little training. The Interactive Zoomer Show Pony shows expressions in her eyes that light up to show you how she feels, nuzzles your hand, shakes and moves her head and even neighs “I love you.” There is a heart badge on her, that when pressed, she’ll perform tricks, dance, sing or even do a figure eight. 








Interactive accessories include an apple, carrot and a sugar cube. If you feed your pony an interactive apple she’ll crunch, chomp and munch happily! Using the hairbrush accessory to brush and style her, will allow your child to get her ready for the big pony show! I know of a little girl whom is going to go bonkers on Christmas morning when she sees the Zoomer Show Pony.

Available in multiple locations, as well as the Spin Master website, click here to purchase.


The Classic Board Game Of Strategy! Ages 8+ This is a great game, that we have seen in stores for years, yet passed it by, until now. It is a game that you can learn in literally a couple of minutes, but don’t let that fool you. There are so many moves that it would take you forever to become a pro.








Othello is a two-player strategy game, which makes you think outside the box to out-think your opponent. It’s a game of trapping/sandwiching your opponents colors in order for them to become yours. Each time you trap your opponents disk between yours, they get flipped over and become yours and the same by your opponent to your disks. Each turn can be a game changer and before you know it, the game is over. Who commanded and conquers is up to your whit! When all the disks are played out, a count of colors will tell you who finished on top.

Available in multiple locations, as well as the Spin Master website, click here to purchase. 


Rated 4+, what child doesn’t love a true-to-life doll? I’ve seen boys and girls lug, drag and be interactive with dolls for years and Luvabella has so many real baby surprises for them. She opens her eyes, and laughs, shows some fantastic facial expressions and lets her personality shine through. She can move, talk and play like a real baby and with your child’s touch, she can respond to their love of her. Play a game of Peek-a-boo, tickle her or even have them put their hand on her chest to feel and listen to her heartbeat. 








The more you work with Luvabella, the more she will talk. Babbling will turn into over one hundred clear words and phrases. Accessories included are a spoon, her Lamby toy, a soother and a bottle. Using these items to feed, play, calm and put to rest will have your child absolutely in love with their new addition. Growing up with a sister, I can say that dolls teach a child so many great things about being a caretaker, brother, sister and friend that they use the things they learn in their everyday life. Clara will absolutely love receiving this for Christmas. 

Available in multiple locations, as well as the Spin Master website, click here to purchase.


Air Hogs FPV Race Drone

Rated 10+, but seriously who am I kidding, I want to fly it all day long! Who wouldn’t want a drone that you can actually add a smartphone to a headset and fly in first person? You can do exactly that with the Air Hogs FPV Race Drone! 

Use features like auto takeoff/land, barometric pressure height lock and the ability to record, edit, and share your race videos using the free Air Hogs app downloaded to your smartphone. Flying this drone is great at any performance level, with ducted propellers and a crash-resistant frame to help make this drone capable of handling those crashes, and yes they do happen. Once your child gets the knack for it, which will likely come quick, they will be soaring to heights they have never been before.

Available in multiple locations, as well as the Spin Master website, click here to purchase.



Little Live pets has an incredible assortment this year, as usual, that will occupy your child for hours on end. They may even decide to take some items off to dreamland with them. Check out the ones we received below and add them to Santa’s list this year, because they are always a big hit! 

My Dream Puppy – Frosty & My Dream Kitten – Cuddles

What better pet for your child to love and enjoy that feels like much more than a toy? The Little Live Pet Husky Dream Puppy and My Dream Kitten will have your child fall in love with them in no time! Frosty moves and feels just like a real puppy with big blue eyes.,, You will fall in love with him the minute he opens up his big blue eyes. He is so lifelike you will truly connect and care for their new pet! Feed him with his bottle! Cuddles the Kitty moves and act like a real kitten, purring when happy. A scratch of the cheek and the kitty will cuddle you and it moves its tail like a real kitten. These pets are so lifelike, your child will quickly make them their own. The nice thing for us as parents, no cleaning up left behind disasters, “from the pet”. Your child on the other-hand, well, that’s to be determined. hahaha









                         My Dream Puppy Contents                                                                      My Dream Kitten Contents
                              1 X My Dream Husky                                                                                1 X My Dream Kitten
                              1 X Milk Bottle                                                                                              1 X Bowl
                              1 X Adoption Certificate                                                                          1 X Instruction Manual
                              1 X Instruction Manual                                                                             4 X AAA Batteries 
                              4 X AAA Batteries


Lil’ Lady Bug Series


They’re smart, small and love to explore!
Lil’ Ladybugs are tiny take-anywhere powered friends who love to buzz around with their babies following behind!
The Ladybug’s Garden a wonderful miniature world for your Lil’ Ladybugs to explore! Watch them scoot in and out and all about their little land! Watch Spotsy the Ladybug take he little baby bug for a walk to discover all the places to play! 

Cadence would have loved this when she was younger, as I know my nieces will love them just as much. We all know how much children love ladybug’s when they see them in the real world, and now they can have their very own to play with! Whether you choose to go with the garden, or the ladybug’s themselves, we’re sure your child will love them! 

Available in multiple locations for purchase, click here to purchase at

Lil’ Lady Bug & Baby

As an add-on to the garden, or alone, you’ll fall in love with Lil’ Ladybugs! They move, play, and are so beautiful just like real ladybugs! 12 pretty cute ladybugs to choose from, or collect them all! Available in a variety of colors with a finish that is super shiny and had their own baby that tags along behind. Apparently some even have twins! Build up your family of ladybugs, catch them and look for rare ones as well.  Your ladybug comes in a dome jar so that you may put them on display when  you are done with them for others to see and admire. 

Available in multiple locations for purchase, click here to purchase on


Do you have a Disney fan in your home? Of course you do, I mean, how could you not? Disney Emoji collectibles are here now, and season one has over 100 to collect. Now you can collect all of your favourite Disney & Pixar characters in 4 different adorable emoji expressions! Look out for the limited edition #Squishi and #Goldi finishes! Available in special packages, surprise emoji 4pks and blister packages. 









Whether you have a die-hard Disney fan, or a lover of particular story lines, these emoji collectibles are just plain cute. We especially love the package with the surprise one in it for them to discover after opening. They would make for some great stocking stuffers!

Available in multiple locations, Click here to purchase at Toys R Us.




In the past, if you have been following along with us, you know our love for Skechers footwear. They have style, comfort, built to accomplish tasks both in work and play and would make for a fantastic gift. You read right, GIFT! I love receiving gifts at Christmas time that save me time and money and my family knows me well. I suspect with a little thought, you know your family well enough to choose styles for them too. I’m sure that a little recon work to find sizes won’t be a problem and you don’t have to leave home to pick up! Check out what our family has on our feet this season. 


Wanting a new pair of kicks to stand out, Cadence will definitely be doing so with these Energy Lights where she will get some, “Flash” without the loss of support/comfort. This shoe is actually listed on the Skechers website as being a boys shoe, however, who am I to tell her what style she can, or cannot wear? The other great feature of these shoes is that she is seen, especially when it is getting dark outside and as a parent, I’m all for that!  Available to purchase in both black and brown. Click here to see them on the Skechers website!




I personally needed some footwear for my day job. Driving school bus means digging it out in the mornings from a snowstorm, (yes, we have to do this). During the messy season, most days school is open and getting children to school means also getting a school bus out of a snow, ice and slush riddled compound. I have some great Skechers boots that are more casual, but these Robards will get the job done in this situation. On top of working outside my home, I can also use them in my home life, when working in the yard during the messy season as well. Available to purchase in both black and brown. Click here to see them on the Skechers website!


Sherri wanted something that had the ability to be in the snow for just about anything, had comfort, style and warmth. The D’Lites Powder was the answer to this for her. They have a memory foam insoles, Thinsulate® lining and are waterproof, with some great styling accents! Available to purchase in both black and brown. Whether hitting the mall, lacing up after lacing down from some time on the skate rink, or meeting friends at a local coffee shop on a cold winters day, the D’Lites Powder will definitely treat her feet properly.  Click here to see them on the Skechers website!


Year, after year, after year you come to our website to see what brands are offering families like ours in regards to products, services, travel and more. We can’t properly put into words how much this means to us. You have helped us grow. You have allowed us into your lives and homes through social media throughout the year, including the holidays and we are equally grateful. Thanks to some of our amazing sponsors, we are again able to offer a few of our must have holiday items as part of our annual holiday gift guide giveaway! We would love it if you would share this with your friends and family, so that they may also become part of ours and wish you all good luck and the happiest of holiday seasons! 




answerthetullyphoneWin Some Of Our Must Haves Holiday Gift Guide For 2017!

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  1. Silvia D

    WOW so many awesome things in the Gift Guide!…Most excited about the GoPro Hero 6 Black Edition !! Would so love to own a GroPro!

  2. Becky Best

    I am interested in all of them! I am especially interested in the Oreck Air Purifier, because who doesn’t want to be breathing cleaner air!! 🙂

  3. Amie

    How can i pick one ? Super awesome list , love it all ! I will pick the Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ though , that would be so handy at our house , not having to use the oven all the time making snacks for the kids and in the summer not having to heat the house using the big oven ! I love this !

  4. Ryan B

    GoPro Hero 6 Black Edition ~ I need something better than my cell camera, especially for all the action shots I have missed over the years.

    1. Florence Cochrane

      I would bake in the Smart oven. It would be nice to have the Oreck Air Purifier to take out the dust so we could breathe easier and the Skechers to make my walks comfortable plus keep my feet warm.

  5. MARGO B

    oh those Sheri D’lights look absolutely amazing, love my Skechers and have been using the D’lights for a long time I would love to win this thanks for the chance

  6. jay nelson

    I love to play games with my children and would love to play Orthello – I have never heard of it. (and always a Skecher lover). Thank you Tully family.

  7. Jackie M

    I’m interested in the Breville Smart Oven for my kitchen. Seems like the perfect upgrade from my current one. I also love the Oreck Response Air Purifier, with a new baby this would be great to purify the nursery air.

  8. Natalie

    The Breville The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® Definitely catches my eye. Whenever I don’t have to turn the full oven on for something, that’s a win in my book!

  9. Rosanne Robinson

    I love the Holiday Gift Guides, heartfelt thanks for the many hours of work that you’ve put into all of the Holiday Gift Guides that you’ve shared with us. I find them to be a tremendous help making up my holiday shopping list. The opportunity to win awesome prizes in your contests is a huge bonus too!!!
    I’m having a hard time just choosing one item, but do have the Breville The Smart Oven Air with Element IQ on my Wish List because it would replace several of the appliances that are cluttering up my kitchen and would make cooking & baking a breeze.

  10. Cara W

    Great gift guide! I am most interested in the Breville The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® because my mom literally just asked for this for Christmas! And I also would love the GoPro Hero 6 Black Edition because I am engaged and this would be perfect to take on our honeymoon! Thanks and fingers crossed!

  11. Kristi F

    I’m the most interested in the Breville Smart Oven Air since my parents really need to replace their toaster oven and they would love it. And also the Oreck Air Purifier since we have health conditions that would really be helped with cleaner air.

  12. Jenn

    I am very interested in the D’Lites Powder boots (they sound perfect for walking the dog) and the Breville Smart Oven! It has been on my wish list for a while because it would be such a treat to have such an advanced oven. I love the cool options like slow cook and air fry . I am also interested in the DISNEY EMOJI set for my daughter. She loves anything Disney.

  13. michelle matta

    I’m interested in the little live pets Frosty for my niece Erin who loves looking after pretend (and real) animals. I’m also interested in the Breville smart oven because we have never owned anything like that and I’ve always been interested in a smaller more specific type appliance that might improve certain dishes rather than cooking them in our 100 year old oven.

  14. Julia H

    I’m especially interested in the Oreck Air Response Air Purifier because of my allergies. I’ve found that an air purifier really helps me out, but the last one I purchased was years and years ago, and I haven’t been able to replace it….the one I have now is so old that they don’t make replacement filters for it, so the one filter that is left is so full of junk that I don’t even run it. I also really like the Othello game because I like old-fashioned board games of any kind….I always had that kind of board game growing up (before the internet took over the world!) and so I like the nostalgia of it. Thank you for the chance.

  15. Sab Edwards

    Skechers footwear ..they have wide widths for me, the shoes are soft and can be machine washed quite easily and I love the ones I have

  16. Judy Cowan

    Definitely interested in the The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ®, is has been on my wish list for a bit now, it would be perfect for when we live at our trailer since we don’t have an oven there. Also the Skechers, because who doesn’t want comfy but fashionable shoes!

  17. Beverly Smith

    Wow these are some beautiful gifts!! I am most interested in ones for my girls ofcourse 😉 the Zoomer Show Pony & Little Live Pets are requests in this household this year from a 6yr and 10 yr old girls. The luvabella dolly is a really close tie with the Zoomer Show Pony my 6yr old says haha. And 9f mommy were to ever put herself first a new warm pair of winter boots would be soo sweet!!! Thanks for all you do Matt in getting us great reviews and wonderful giveaways!!

  18. lori galbraith

    I would love the The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® in your gift guide as I think it would be a wonderful kitchen tool.

  19. Alayne Langford

    You can never have ENOUGH shoes, and we always need new boots in this family! My favourite go-to brand is SKECHERS!! 🙂

  20. Janet Meisner

    I like the Lil Ladybug series and My Dream puppy for my granddaughter and the Sketchers shoes and Breville oven for adults in my family.

  21. Debbie White Beattie

    Although I like everything on your list I’m only going to choose my favourites and the first thing that I love is the Breville Smart Oven Air with Element IQ and I’ve been wanting one since they came out because they use less energy than my large oven and it’s only the 2 of us so I don’t need to use my big oven. Another thing I like is the Nintendo 2DS because all of the kids are interested in it. The next thing is the SKECHERS FOOTWEAR because Sketchers have such comfortable shoes and they look really good too.

  22. Jenny B

    I am interested in the Air Response Air Purifier because I think it would help me out with my allergies a lot. And I am interest in the Breville Smart Oven because it sounds like a major upgrade to our current convection oven that is on it’s last leg.

  23. Lynda Cook

    I am very interested in the Breville Smart Oven Air, this would be so much better then the microwve and heating up the big oven! and I love the WORK: ROBARDS SR for my husband he needs some new boots!! and my Dream Puppy and Kitty for my grandchildren because they are just so dang cute!!

  24. Josh S

    All the products look great, but I really like the GoPro Hero 6 Black Edition because I would like to record better quality videos.

  25. Zahra P

    The air purifier would be great for our home. It seems like everytime we vacuum there is yet more dust. Also, the Go Pro Hero 6 would be awesome as we love to scuba dive and ski.

  26. Lisa L

    We are big on board games so I am interested in Othello. I’d love the Air Response Air Purifier as well because we live in the city and I think we could really benefit from cleaner air quality in our house!

  27. Darlene Schuller

    Gosh you have so many!! The drone, my husband would love that, the boots, he needs those too! I love the smart oven, the DSXL as well… I love handheld games especially when I’m out or waiting some place, usually my family dr’s and specialist lol

  28. Anu Chopra

    I am most interested in the My Dream Puppy – Frosty & My Dream Kitten – Cuddles because my kids want pets but this is better … no cleaning up after these and kids still get to pretend they have pets since they are so life-like!

  29. Kimm Coleman

    Oh my! It’s hard to choose. The Breville The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ would be an amazing addition to my kitchen.

  30. Shamarra

    I love the New Nintendo 2DS! Nintendo always makes amazing products, so I’d love to give this a try and play with my little girl. Thanks so much for the chance!

  31. Marlene J

    ORECK Air Response Air Purifier
    Lil’ Lady Bug Series -Garden
    Zoomer Show Pony
    My Dream Puppy – Frosty & My Dream Kitten – Cuddles
    These are my favs on the list

  32. Jay M

    A GoPro has been on our “want” list for awhile, but there are always more important things to buy! We mountain bike and ski, and I LOVE taking videos whether it be on our local trails or special bike trips. And I would have so much fun taking videos of glade skiing! As it is, I try now to hold a camera steady and take video of people ahead of me, but I’d prefer not to. You don’t really get to enjoy the activity as much when you’re holding a camera, not to mention it’s probably not very safe. (Don’t worry, I’m very cautious!)
    I know two little girls who would love the dream puppy and kitten, too!

  33. Joni

    Everyone always always loves shoes . Of course I do too, Most times I take them wherever I go, but i love the Air Response Air Purifier. Asthma is in the family and who doesn’t want pure air

  34. Maritess

    I am very interested in trying the The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® because I need a small oven for all the small baking and heating that we do so I do not have to turn on our big oven.

  35. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    The Air Hogs FPV Race Drone which would be a marvellous gift for one of my sons – all adults, any of them would love it. Also for me personally I’d love the the Breville Smart Oven Air with Element IQ. I’m on my own and it seems so wasteful to put on the big oven for say one baked potato, so I stick the potato in the microwave but it’s not the same, there’s no crispy skin and cheese doesn’t melt the same. The Skechers D’Lites Powder would also be very welcome here, they’d keep my feet nice and warm and dry too.

  36. Julie F

    I love the sound of the The D’Lites Powder, I have the D’Lites running shoes and they are the most comfortable running shoes that I have ever owned!

  37. kristen visser

    The My Dream Puppy Or Kitty would be perfect for my youngest daughter. She has a cat and dog obsession lol. as well as the luvabella. I have heard a lot about that doll but she is only 3 so i dont think its age appropriate right now but will keep in mind maybe next year. and my oldest would love any of the LITTLE LIVE PETS sets

  38. Christine D

    This is one of the best gift guides I’ve seen yet! The GoPro though is something I’ve wanted to get my husband for Years! He is always on the road for his job and it would be most useful for him. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  39. tanyab79

    Most interested in the OReck Air Purifier because I have two cats and it would helps those with allergies in the household.

  40. Cheryl H

    Honestly this is jammed packed with lots of items Id love, the skechers light up shoes, the frosty kitty, the go pro but i think for me the breville oven would be best

  41. LisaM

    I think the Air Hogs FPV Race Drone would be a big hit with the 6-year-old and the Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® with my husband! I want the boots 🙂

  42. Brenda Penton

    I am most interested in the ORECK Air Response Air Purifier because my son has dust allergies and this would be a big help for him.

  43. Dana Miller

    I am most interested in the Breville Smart Oven because it would get so much daily use in our small family…no sense heating a huge oven. My daughter would be thrilled and excited to receive the Little Live Pets Husky. Her Husky named Dakota is in heaven and she really misses her. And Skechers shoes would be an exciting welcome to receive to keep our feet comfortable in quality shoes. I have hip, back and knee issues so good support is key. My little one’s feet are always growing out of shoes and the S-lights are awesome!!

  44. Erin W

    I love the GoPro Hero 6 because it would be a great gift for my husband for work and skiing, and the Nintendo 2DS because I love Nintendo and this would fit in my purse!

  45. Jonnie

    I’m really interested in the Smart Oven because it sounds like it will do ore than my full size oven! The 2DS XL sounds awesome. My son has the regular-sized 3DS but I thik he may prefer the larger screen and he doesn’t really use the 3D function anyway. Othello also sounds like fun. We love playing games!

  46. HEIDI C.

    So many great choices! I would love to have one of the Smart Oven®s Air with Element IQ® . It would make weeknight cooking a breeze. My son has been asking for the NEW Nintendo 2DS. And, I know that my hubby would love a GoPro to document our kids’ activities.

  47. ivy pluchinsky

    There are so many items on this list I am interested in! The Oreck Air Response Air Purifier for my allergies, The Breville Smart Oven Air for my cooking skills, and the New Nintendo 2DS for my gaming hobby!

  48. Suzanne G

    I am interested in the NEW Nintendo 2DS! as my daughter has requested it for Christmas and I love that it is small and portable and fits in a purse no problem.

  49. Pam H.

    I am interested in the go pro for all of our travel adventures and the D’LITES – POWDER, so I can stay comfy and cozy this winter season

  50. Wanda Tracey

    I am most interested in the The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ made by Breville. My husband and I have wanted one for awhile now because it would save so much money instead of cooking in the oven. It is awesome in every way and can cook things so many different ways and even dehydrate foods. I would love one! 🙂

  51. Ruth Ann

    GoPro Hero 6 for my oldest son. He is an explorer and loves photography and video. 2DS for my youngest. He is all about the games!! The Smart Oven for me 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. Josie Tusa

    I am interested in the Breville Smart Oven because it would make my life so much easier and save me a lot of time and money.

  53. Jennifer Wilson

    I am interested in the Sherri – D’LITES – POWDER boots because my feet are always freezing when I am outside!

  54. lori b

    some fantastic items in the guide, the breville smart oven is pretty cool, i am home alone most of the time so this would be perfect to make dinner.

  55. Shane smith

    my wife loves taking photos and she’s go crazy for the go pro! she keeps talking about it and i’d love to win her one

  56. andrea freiherr

    i absolutely love the gift guide! thank you for doing them. i love all the items you chose! my top faves are the Breville smart oven. i would love it! and the luvabella doll for my daughter. thank you so very much for the opportunity to win one of these items

  57. nicky

    Most interested in the Skechers shoes for my son – seems like the lights would make them nice and bright when walking outside when dark out.

  58. Krista M

    I’ve been wanting the Breville Smart Oven because my current toaster oven isn’t cooking foods to this precise level nor has the various settings this appliance has. Also I want to incorporate healthier eating in our family with the air fry feature! From the gift guide my daughter wants the Nintendo 2DS as she loves playing Mario games!

  59. InezbyDesign

    This would be hard to pick just one! What great sponsors, you have a smokin list of goodies. For me, I would pick the Breville Smart Oven cause I always wanted one, but the little dolly, Luvabella would be pretty fantastic for our new granddaughter.

  60. Belinda McNabb

    I am most interested in skechers because you can never have too many good quality runners and boots… and well I would love to win some

  61. Carol M

    I’d be interested in the GoPro as my brother has that on his wishlist and the smart oven as I have been coveting that for awhile.

  62. Doris Humber

    I’m most interested in the Air Response air purifier. We have two dogs in the house, and this would help keep the air clean.

  63. Caroline

    They are all great products but I think the Oreck air purifier would suit me best. I suffer from allergies and this would help me get a better night’s sleep.

  64. Nicole Jubleew

    I’m interested in the Othello board game since we love to play games as a family and are always on the look out for a great new one to add to our collection.

  65. brandon Forsyth

    The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ would be a great addition to my kitchen. I cook alot and I like entertaining guests so it would be nice to basically have an extra oven.

  66. Alison Braidwood

    I love Skechers shoes, but haven’t tried the boots yet. I know they’d be warm and super comfy, so I’m a bit obsessed at the moment. And the Dream Kitten and Husky puppy are something I’d totally get my nieces for Christmas. I know they’d love them.

  67. nicolthepickle

    The ROBARDS SR boots for my husband. He needs good boots for outdoor stuff and the Breville
    The Smart Oven Air for me because I love making food and this thing is incredible.

  68. Valerie Mallette

    The New Nintendo 2DS interests me the most. Everyone in my family loves gaming and this improved 2DS would be welcomed by all of us.

  69. SueSueper

    I like the Skechers boots because I want to have warmth while being in style. I would like to have the GoPro Hero 6 to take fantastic pictures ANYWHERE under any weather.

  70. Rebecca Roberts

    I’m ALWAYS interested in Skechers shoes, I have a few pair and they are THE best and most comfy I own 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  71. Treen Goodwin

    The Breville Smart Oven , i have wanted one for a long time now , its so awesome and you can cook your turkey in it while you have your oven for pies stuffing and what not , more room for cooking , i so love that idea 🙂

  72. MaryG

    The LITTLE LIVE PETS because my kids are talking about them constantly!!! They want a collection of these moving animals…I guess it’s cheaper than a real puppy or kitten!!!


    The D’Lites Powder boots really appeal to me, they look stylish and my feet are always cold, but these would keep my feet warm.

  74. yvonne

    I love the SKECHERS ENERGY LIGHTS because it’s dark at 5PM and I’d love for my child to be visible to vehicles and cyclists in the early mornings and evenings. Happy holidays!

  75. Natalie

    Hey there! I’m definitely interested in the air purifier because I’m allergic to dust so that would be a great thing to have. I’m also interested in the GoPro Hero 6 Black Edition because I’ve heard so many good things about it and it would be nice to have a new camera.

  76. Tara Gauthier

    The practical me would love the D’lites boots but I know the rest of my family would especially like the Go Pro and I know we would have lots of fun with it.

  77. Christy Eldred

    So many great gift giving options! If I had to choose , I think the Breville smart oven. It looks so handy and love not having to heat up the whole oven for small meals!

  78. David Smith

    The Go Pro Hero 6. My son and I are very active, skiing, biking, climbing and have wanted one of these for a couple years.

  79. Janice Cournoyer

    I would love the The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® in your gift guide . Love this make of appliances and this one has been on my wish list for quite some time. thank you for all the awesome giveaways!! Happy New year.

  80. Catherine Robichaud

    It’s so hard to choose just one as there are so many wonderful things here. I guess it would be either the Oreck Air Response Air Purifier or the Breville Smart Oven . They have both been on my wishlist for a while.

  81. Debi Manning

    All of the items on the list are wonderful, however I am especially partial to the GoPro. In September my husband had 2 strokes. Fortunately he was very lucky and came out of it unscathed with no lasting effects. A week after he got out of the hospital, we found out my young daughter was pregnant. I am now blessed with a beautiful grandson whom I love to bits. In June of this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As we all know wonders come in 3’s. However, I have been through 16 weeks of grueling Chemotherapy and then surgery. They tell me I am now cancer free. I still have radiation to deal with, but I’m good. After all this craziness, I don’t want to miss a moment. That GoPro could make it happen. Everything baby 😀 Thank you for the chance and pardon my long winded reply xo

  82. Michelle Policelli

    I would love the The Smart Oven Air with Element IQ. I have small toaster oven that i would like to replace and this oven is perfect! love all of the features and that you can use it for everyday cooking plus so much more!!

  83. Shauna

    The Nintendo DS looks like so much fun. I would love to share it with my daughter, and introduce her to the magical world of video games.

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