Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™ Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep.

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Bose Sleepbuds up close

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to test the Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™, and couldn’t pass-up the opportunity to work with a brand that has set so many benchmarks. That and the thought of finally recovering from the bruised ribs, well, that was reasoning in itself to accept, let me explain.
It’s no question that sleep is important to both a persons mental and physical well-being. That being said, I have to own up to the fact that there are nights that I snore so loudly, I sometimes even wake myself up. If I don’t wake up on my own behalf, my wife lovingly slams an elbow into my ribs and gives me a, “TURN OVER”! It’s not fair that she be kept awake by my noise, amongst all of the other nightly sounds from the street outside.

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Having never seen the product before, I thought I may have to order them online at, however upon doing so, they were showing stock locally. YES, I can have Sherri testing these as early as tonight! What I love about Bestbuy’s website is that if the item is in stock I can have it placed aside for me at their customer service desk, awaiting my arrival. None of this was really a concern as I’ve ordered many items from them online through the years and if I had to do so, they would have been here pretty fast.
You all know that I’m a technological junkie, so when the Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™ arrived, I was definitely going through the instructions, front to back and wanting to know all the details. Check them out below in detail and have a glimpse for yourself.

NOTE: The Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™ DON’T play music and are NOT noise canceling.


Bose Sleepbuds charging


The first thing we noticed when opening the very precisely packaged unit is that you can tell the Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™ and charging unit are of great quality. The fit and finish of the product looks supreme with a charging unit top that glides open, as if to say, “ahhhhhhhhhh” in an angelic yet surreal tone. Ok, seriously, that doesn’t happen but wouldn’t that be awesome? The Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™ are said to last for 16 hours and the rechargeable storage case said to completely charge the units again, when not plugged in. Fantastic for travelling, don’t you think? If you consider an 6-8 hr sleep night, your weeknights are covered on a single charge! Time to download the app, while charging them and have them ready for Sherri tonight. As mentioned above, the Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™ will not play your music and are not noise canceling, and you ask, “well why would they work”? It’s all in the masking of the environment around you. Instead of streaming music, it uses soothing sounds, that you can adjust via the app to help block out surrounding sounds. This is to help make falling asleep and staying asleep easier to accomplish.


Application preview


The Bose® sleepbuds app allows you to adjust many things. You have the ability to choose from multiple sounds to fall asleep to. Sounds like a campfire, tranquillity, shower, altitude, cascade and so many more, (Bose® continues to work on your experiences with their products, so expect to see more features and soothing sounds with future software updates). Set an alarm to wake only yourself up and not those in the same bed or rooms around you. Those with young children at home can adjust the sound of the sleepbuds™, so they may still hear the sound of the child over the sounds coming through the sleepbuds™


Bose fitment sleepbuds pic


After a few nights of sleep between our home and our family camp with multiple people snoring, I asked to hear Sherri’s experiences using the Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™. She mentioned that they are very comfortable to use, even where she spends most of her night sleeping on her side. There was no bulky feeling with the sleepbuds™ upon placing them in her ears, or even after a full nights sleep laying directly on either ear. She likes the fact of the multiple soothing sound choices and that there is an opportunity of more to come from Bose® is fantastic, with campfire being her current pick. Having no knowledge of the product before, she would easily recommend them to friends and suggest they check them out online at or in store for purchase. There is few better things than a relaxed, uninterrupted sleep and now there’s help in getting it, thanks to Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™.


“On Wednesday 10/31, there was a software update to the Sleepbuds app.  This release introduces a significant new feature to the “Sound Library”.  The Sound Library will include 10 new sounds and will enable consumers to swap Bose-supplies sound between the Library and their Sleepbuds. Those with sleepbuds will receive a message to update the app to receive the updates.”

answerthetullyphoneBose® noise masking sleepbuds™ Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep.

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  1. Paula Schuck

    What? These are amazing. I think I need these for my girls. Payton would LOVE them. She often listens to ASMR at night to fall asleep and she is a fitful sleeper. Anxiety, right? So I think she could probably use them.

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