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Nerf Laser Ops Girls


When someone mentions laser tag, memories come flashing back to what I remembered it to be. Heavy, (hockey-like) chest protector style sensor vests that made you feel like you gained twenty-five pounds when it was placed over your head. There was a thick and very stiff cable that ran from the corner of the vest to the laser gun providing it power. Now that I’ve painted that picture for you, I can tell you the Nerf Laser Ops is a game changer. When given the opportunity to try the new Nerf Laser Ops from Hasbro, you can be sure we were going to jump at the possibility to do so!


Nerf app

The App


Although it’s not required, your Nerf Laser Ops blaster has an available application connectivity, which expands your experience. The “App connectivity package” provides real-time battle intel, allows you to customize your blasters performance and earn power ups. You can check within the app on player stats, track winners and use the GPS system to locate your battles opponents. The Nerf Laser Ops Pro app is available on the Apple App Store, as well as, Androids Google Play store.


nerf laser op blasters

The Blasters


Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters are available in both the Alphapoint hand model, (sold in single and 2pk options) as well as the larger Deltaburst rifle style. Each blaster has unlimited ammo, that fires single-shot IR burst with each pull of the trigger, lighting up and indicating with sounds as well. Health status and ammo capacity is displayed on the back so you can stay in the battle by reloading and know when your health is getting low. An on-board switch allows you to change between indoor and outdoor play, play in teams, free-for-all or even solo. Each blaster, no matter the chosen model comes ready to battle, right out of the box. Just put in the required “AA” batteries, (4 for the Alphapoint model or 6 for the Deltaburst) and choose to strap on the armband with app or not and your ready to go within minutes.

Official Nerf Laser Ops Pro Spotlight


Our Thoughts


I brought the blasters to the family camp the weekend after they were received, considering it was Thanksgiving and knowing the kids would be looking for something to do. They were very rarely put down and when they were, it wasn’t for long. If they weren’t blasting each other in combat, they were playing solo without the need for eye protection. I asked our daughter what she though of them and her exact words were, “love them, they are a lot of fun!” If I were to tell you that Sherri and I both were not involved in the action as well at one point or another, I’d be lying. I love the larger unit, (Deltaburst) as it gives you some kickback feeling action. Cadence prefers the smaller unit, (Alphapoint) as it’s easier to run around with, not to mention the fact that she is undefeated! The Blasters are priced properly, considering the hours, upon hours, of game play that your children and/or their friends will have with them. The fact of adding some exercise into the mix as well is definitely a plus, should they be using them outdoors as we did. 


Nerf Alphapoint Laser Ops Blaster


Thanks to Hasbro, we have been given the opportunity to offer you the chance of winning an Alphapoint 2pk for yourself! Visit their page by clicking their logo below, as well as follow their social media channels for more really great things to come in the future. Tell your friends to drop by as well, so they too may have the chance to enter, and good luck!



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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, I was provided products to facilitate the review. Unless otherwise stated, all views and or experiences are always that of our own.


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  1. ivy pluchinsky

    I like how evolved nerf products have become! I also like how fun they are, the old ones, the new ones, every nerf product is fun for adults and kids alike

  2. Rosanne Robinson

    I like that Nerf toys are safe and can be played with both indoors and outside. We’ve purchased several of them for our grandson and he has the Nerf Laser Ops Pro on his birthday Wish List.

  3. Mandy

    I like how fun it is to take aim and practice shooting. And the excitement of running around with my siblings while we target each other.

  4. Dave S

    My son (and I) loves Nerf guns. They are a great toy for imagination and get you up and moving around verse sitting in front of a screen.

  5. Elaine G

    I like how they keep the kids entertained, sometimes for hours. I know they love the Nerf products they have now and would love these as well.

  6. lynn clayton

    we love nerf it lets my son to get his energy out safely. he had a great imagination and nerf has helped him with many battles

  7. Martina Junkin

    I like that it’s a classic game that has stuck through the years. I played it as a kid. Now my kids play (with me of course)

  8. Doris Humber

    I love the variety of products they have for the kids. The quality is amazing! They get better and better each year; always something new & exciting.

  9. lisa bolduc

    We love how it is great for all ages. Qe had a nerf fight on Thanksgiving
    There was a 4 year old all the way to 61 year old playing

  10. kathy downey

    What I love most about Nerf, past and present is the endless fun for the whole family.Young and old alike we love Nerf!

  11. Kristy

    I love that it’s something the whole family can do together. Getting outside and being active together is a priority for us. Nerf games allow for all ages to participate in an active, fun game. What I love most about these new blasters is that I don’t have to go looking for the darts and discs afterwards! lol!

  12. SweetPanda

    I know that my kids love Nerf guns and it is something that both boys and girls enjoy. And it is safe for kids to play.

  13. Jennifer P.

    What I like most about Nerf is that our whole neighbourhood can use the products to have fun together – boys and girls, kids and adults!

  14. Clair Palmer

    Nerf is a good name brand that we can trust my boys are not easy with their toys and they love running around with their guns playing and of course dropping them but Nerf stands up to the fall and does not break, plus Nerf also keeps up with what all boys are loving

  15. Clair Palmer

    I can\t see my post so I’m saying it again I love the Nerf is strong, it can keep up with my boys who love to run around and yes the drop them but Nerf does not break, I also love the Nerf can keep up with the what kids are into

  16. Tara Gauthier

    I love the fact that both my kids love playing Nerf battles with our guns, so leads to some fun times a family and makes their age gap (6.5) years not seem so large when they are just having fun.

  17. Michelle Policelli

    Love everything about Nerf! They’re so much fun to play with with my siblings and my nephew, and I love that they carry a wide range of products!

  18. Krista M

    I love that Nerf has been around since I was a kid, and their toys are tough quality that lasts. There are so many knock-offs out there but Nerf is #1. I also like how they are now expanding to incorporate technology with the app, keeping up with the times!

  19. Lynda Cook

    I love nerf and it’s something that boys and girls both love, they are fun and safe, and all the kids I talked to love the nerf guns shooting the darts at anyone lol

  20. Amber Y

    I like that they are constantly coming out with new things!! They are one of the few toy companies that are always innovating and trying to make things fun for all ages.

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