Top 5 Insurance Tips & Free Gas Giveaway with Desjardins Insurance #GetAQuoteAndWin


5 insurance tips

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Desjardins Insurance. All opinions and or experiences are that of my own unless otherwise stated. 

Having the right automobile insurance, as an owner/operator, is not only important to protect your future but is the law here in Canada. I still hear, from time to time, of people on the roads today without and I don’t believe they realize how bad getting caught without can be. Check out my top 5 ways to protect your future by having automobile insurance below. Oh and of course the winning. Who wouldn’t want to win free gas for an entire year? After reading through the tips as to how insurance can protect your future, get a quote for your chance to win!


  • Insurance contracts are not written in stone, as each policy needs to be different for each and every person. Our circumstances are all different, so why wouldn’t our policy be? Not to mention the fact that there is so much that determines the cost of a policy and maybe you also want some added features that another person may not.


  • When I mention insurance, what comes to mind? Accidents! The fact is, that automobile insurance is for so much more than that. What kind of area do you live in? No matter how great it may look like, things happen, from theft to damage due to vandalism. I can attest to living in a great neighborhood, but have had vehicle break-ins and I would have never thought we would ever have a car burn to the ground in our own driveway. 


  • Protecting your assets. You and I both know that, even if we were the worlds best driver, that there are others on the road with us. You can do your very best to avoid a collision, but accidents happen. This is a huge concern in today’s world, as you don’t need a lawsuit that could potentially strip you of everything you own in order to pay the piper, so to speak. Do you have kids that are learning to drive, or covered under your policy? I’m not saying they are bad drivers, but do you know if your coverage is good enough should they be in an accident with possible injuries? These are things you need to know!


  • Ok, so you have had an accident, what now? If you have the proper insurance policy set in place, your mind should be free of stress. As paying for the right insurance is similar to putting money in the bank, in case of an emergency. 


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answerthetullyphoneTop 5 Insurance Tips & Free Gas Giveaway with Desjardins Insurance #GetAQuoteAndWin

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