Smart Grilling Anytime With The T-FAL OptiGrill Smart

Tfal OptiGrill Smart

Disclosure: we received the T-FAL OptiGrill Smart free at our request in order to facilitate our post. Any and all experiences and opinions are always that of our own unless otherwise stated.

I’m sure that I’m not alone in wanting a juicy steak, mouth-watering cut of fish, chicken or a hamburger straight off the grill during the winter months? Although it can do so much for than that, you need to know that the T-FAL OptiGrill Smart is the answer to your winter grilling woes! Not only will it allow you to grill in the warmth of the indoors but you will hardly have to move while using it. Using the MyOptiGrill app on your smartphone allows you to keep track of the cooking status and preferences as well as download regular updates with new recipes and OptiGrill programs to explore.

Grill Smart


Although you don’t have to connect your phone to the T-FAL OptiGrill Smart to use it, in order to open its full potential, I’d highly recommend it! It is equipped with pre-set options for cooking in automatically adjusted modes for the type of product and has the addition of a manual cooking mode as well as a defrost mode. When paired to a smart device, like a phone or tablet, (ios/android options available) you not only take further advantage of the already existing pre-sets but with ongoing updates, cooking with the T-FAL OptiGrill Smart expands on your recipes and programming. It’s so easy to connect to your grill via Bluetooth and after you’ve chosen your setting and placed the food onto the grill it’s back to your other daily tasks. Whether that’s other house chores, or binge-watching your favorite show, keep track of your food on your device. 


MyOptiGrill App2 MyOptiGrill App1





T-FAL OptiGrill Smart Product Details


  • T-fal’s first Bluetooth-connected indoor grill
  • Enables remote monitoring and control of the cooking process from any smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple)
  • Free My OptiGrill app available with recipes, suggested menus and additional specific cooking programs
  • Six pre-set cooking programs: Burger, Poultry, Sausage, Red Meat and Sandwich (additional programs available with the MyOptiGrill app updates), as well as manual and defrost modes
  • Automatic Sensor Cooking technology automatically adjusts temperature and cooking time based on the number of food items on the grill and the thickness of the meat
  • Indicator light beeps at every cooking stage for precision grilling
  • 600 cm² of slanted cooking surface allows cooking juices to run off
  • Floating hinge accommodates different types of food for hassle-free grilling
  • Die-cast housing with two removable non-stick coating plates for easy cleanup
  • Integrated drip tray
  • All removable parts are dishwasher-safe
  • 1800 powerful watts grill meats to perfection


Cooked OptiGrill

Our First Use


I wanted to cook something in the T-FAL OptiGrill Smart that I would have a hard time getting cooked properly on the barbecue. This way, not only would it tell me if this product performed the way I felt it should but give it the task to perfect something I normally mess up. I placed about a 2 lb piece of pork tenderloin on the grill, after rubbing it down with some spices that compliment it. Easing the lid closed, you can almost feel the grill guage the thickness. I opened the OptiGrill app and choose red meat and start the cooking process. It then showed me the time it would take, counting down along the way to my desired taste. It was approximately 2″ thick and about 9″ long, taking about 25-30 minutes to cook to well done. When removed from the grill, the first thing I noticed when cut open was that it was cooked perfectly and held its juices! I can describe the taste to you but it’s seriously not going to do it justice. 


cooked on the OptiGrill


Final Thoughts


I can’t wait to cook more! If I’m to be brutally honest, as much as we are a fan of the T-Fal products, I was worried the T-FAL OptiGrill would be a little bit of a gimmick. I can now confirm, both to myself and you, that it definitely isn’t. Anything cooked on it up to this point has been cooked to levels I selected. I’ve been able to either prepare other parts of a meal while it was doing its thing, or completely walk away, keeping track within the application on my smartphone. The best part of all? Cleaning! I implore you to find another small cooking appliance that cleans up as easy as the T-FAL OptiGrill. Removing the upper and lower plates approximately 45 minutes after use, (so cool enough) it’s as easy as a quick scrape of large food particles with a wooden spoon or spatula and placing in the dishwasher. Don’t have a dishwasher? It’s ok, the plates are non-stick and very easy to clean. Upon discussing the T-FAL OptiGrill with wife, I will be using this wherever we travel with our personal vehicle and cook for ourselves. It’s not overly large, lightweight and easy to clean, so considering we get a serviced lot when camping, I may even use it for that! Would we recommend it to family, friends and all of our readers? The best answer I can give you is by saying I wish we had it sooner. I just seen on their website that there is an optional to purchase waffle plates too! Homemade waffles, heck ya! If you are looking to pick up a great last-minute gift for Christmas, or maybe just need a new way to cook, I’m certain you will love the T-FAL OptiGrill.

Win a T-FAL OptiGrill Smart!


Yes, that’s right! At the time of posting, we are very grateful that T-fal Canada has given us the opportunity to give a unit just like the one we have received to a lucky reader. I’m sure you are just as excited as we are! So enter below and we wish you all good luck! Can’t wait and want it now? Visit the T-fal Canada website by clicking their logo below and order now, or visit a local retailer.



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Comments 143

  1. Theresa Black

    The T-Fal Optigrill would make my life so much easier when I forget to take something out for dinner. This would save me so much time and money. I would definitely try and cook a steak or some chicken. Thanks so much for the chance.

  2. Linda L

    This would help speed up meal times around my house and first thing I would try are Burgers cause those are my families favorite!!

  3. Rosanne Robinson

    The T-FAL OptiGrill Smart would make our life easier because we wouldn’t have to go outside to fire up our bbq in bad weather! We love to cook our steak, fish, chicken, & burgers on the grill, but since we’re empty nesters don’t bother to cook on the bbq much.

  4. michelle tremblett

    I would grill everything 🙂 .. Bur I would start with steaks. Would be nice to grill inside instead of climbing the snow banks to get to the outdoor grill.

  5. Soozle

    I do not own an outdoor grill – so this would be amazing for me to be able to cook foods indoors for some variety! I love how healthy it is for veggies and meats too.

  6. J

    We don’t have a big grill to make grilled foods (vegetables, etc.) and would otherwise have to rely on an unwieldy grill pan. So the OptiGrill would make it way easier to grill foods.

  7. 409cope

    This grill would make our lives easier as hubby wouldn’t have to go out to use the BBQ in all kinds of weather. We would cook steak on this first.

  8. Jonnie

    I would love to try cooking steak with this. I tend to overcook it every time. I love that you can put the plates in the dishwasher!

  9. Jessica G

    Great review! I’ve kinda been unsure about buying but now I’m sold. Can’t wait to get mine (hopefully win) I’d cook up something simple tuna melt. I love sandwiches

  10. Erin N

    This T-Fal grill would be so amazing to have in our home! I have always wanted one. I would love to grill some chicken and veggies to start! So many possibilities.. Happy Holidays!

  11. Janet Neufeld

    My family is trying to eat healthier. And this would help amazingly. I would make some chicken the first time. My family loves chicken.

  12. Holly D

    I’d cook steaks. That’s the one thing I always have a problem cooking to the right temp. I tend to overcook. With the T-FAL OptiGrill, I wouldn’t have to worry about that !

  13. Pamela Fontaine

    I’d love to take advantage of the Automatic Sensor Cooking technology. I’m always worried I’ll over cook on the grill and ruin the meat. This is a great feature! I think I’d try steaks first!

  14. Krista M

    My BBQ sits outside all winter unused because it’s too cold to cook outside! This would make like easier by having a grill in my very own home & still getting that grilled taste. I would cook teriyaki chicken because it always sticks to my bbq & I think it would be much easier on the Optigrill Smart!

  15. wendy hutton

    we are currently eating healthier foods no fried, only baked or grilles and this would be a great way to make those meals

  16. sabina edwards

    I work a weird shift, usually noon til whenever I’m allowed to leave, but some nights its almost 11pm when I get home and I’m tired and usually too lazy to make something to, this would prob help me be motivated more to cook

  17. Silvia D

    wow the T-FAL OptiGrill is amazing, it would be great in our kitchen! Save us from using the stove and oven, i woul love to make hamburgers on it or maybe pork chops!.

  18. jan

    This is exactly the sort of kitchen device you don’t know you need – until you have it! Hooking the T-FAL OptiGrill Smart up to my phone for sure if I won it. Would love to try various veggies in this.

  19. Shirley OFlynn

    I would cook steak and burgers on the T-FAL OptiGrill Smart. It would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to fire up the BBQ and I could grill in my kitchen.

  20. Wanda Tracey

    Wow! I love that the TFal Optigrill is so fultifunctional and can cook any kind of meat or vegetable at any level. I also appreciate how easy it is to clean up after and that there is also the option of buying the waffle irons to make waffles with it. YUMMO! Thanks for the awesome review . I would love to have one for myself. It sounds like an awesome small appliance that would be a BIG help in the kitchen.

  21. Mandy

    I’m excited about the feature let’s you track the cooking on your smartphone so I won’t have to stay around waiting for the food to cook. I’d like to try cooking fish in it too see how will it does.

  22. Karen W

    I’ve never had anything with presets ansd automatic sensors. Sounds like just the thing for me as I seem to be getting a little absent minded in the kitchen as I age.

  23. Lisa

    I love how innovative this grill is! This would make my life easier especially on late or busy nights because I could just pop the ingredients in and select the pre-set cooking programs. I would not have to worry about figuring the correct cooking time and temperatures.


    We love grilled food but only BBQ in the summer. This would make my life easier because I could cook our favourites, fish, steak and hamburger on it and give me different things to cook in the cold weather.

  25. Dianne G.

    Since our BBQ quit working I rarely cook foods that I used to BBQ. I do not like the grease that spatters when I cook things like burgers and sausages. I think this Optigrill would be perfect for cooking them since the grease would drain off. I would cook them first and then some veggies to go with them.

  26. Jenny B

    This grill is amazing! We wouldn’t have to head outside to use our grill every time we want to BBQ, and with the Automatic Sensor Cooking technology, I wouldn’t have to worry about overcooking anything (which I have tend to do)!

  27. Harvinderks

    This would be great for making after school sandwiches for the kids. They are always looking for something and I think this is easy enough for my teenager to use.

  28. Cathy Oppedisano

    It would make my life easier because I won’t be guessing whether my food is too raw or too overcooked. I’d cook steaks which should not be overcooked. I don’t like my steak or other foods too overdone and I think this smart grill has made it easier to cook properly.

  29. Lisa bolduc

    Honestly, our bbq broke last year and we haven’t replaced it. The hubby has been dying for steak , so that would be the first thing we cooked.

  30. Amie

    This would be perfect ! Bringing BBQ all year long ! Looks easy to use , care for and clean up ! My hubby would love it ! I think we would try cooking lots of different things on here , burgers for sure , family fave ! Id love to get the waffle attachment , thats my fave !

  31. Nicole Bonomo

    Takes the guesswork out of how long to cook the meat, and it seems like a dream to clean. I would definitely try cooking pork as well as my first choice.

  32. Christina Ferguson

    I am a total multi-tasker so the fact that the T-fal OptiGrill enables remote monitoring and control of the cooking my smartphone would not only make my life easier but would ensure no more burning of food. The first thing I would make is a chicken burger. I loveeee chicken burgers.

  33. Tina L.

    Would love to have grilled food wen it’s not convenient to grill outside, I would grill some chicken first with the T-fal OptiGrill Smart

  34. Linda

    This grill would make it easier to make dinner for one or two people as opposed to firing up the oven for a large dinner. I’d love to use this for burger patties.

  35. Tava

    I’m always paranoid about serving guests undercooked food even with a heavy duty meat thermometer so I tend to skip making foods that should be served rare – medium like Tuna & Lamb so I’d definitely want to try making those first!! They often go on sale at our local shop but I never want to risk having to toss them.

  36. Sandra McG

    6 preset cooking options gives us a lot of choices…I would probably start off by making a grilled sandwiche….either cheese tomato and onion or else a grilled mushroom soup sandwich

  37. Piero Giorno

    I for one hate to clean ovens. For that reason alone I refuse to cook anything that requires the use of an oven. That’s why the T-Fal OptiGrill Smart is a God-send. With this amazing appliance I can grill steaks & pork chops more often & I can cook salmon, my favourite, without having to worry about cleaning-up a messy oven. Any movable parts can go straight into the dishwasher, & I can go back to watching NCIS. This is one truly amazing appliance.

  38. Robyn Bellefleur

    This would make my life easier by being able to monitor it with a smart phone. I would love to grill me some pork chops on it.

  39. em

    well for one you can control it on your smartphone, that’s an awesome feature. since everyone is always busy doing more than one thing so this will make it easier imo. time for some pork chops

  40. Monique L.S.

    We eat a fair bit of chicken, and prefer when it is barbecued. As we cannot barbecue throughout the entire winter, the Tfal Optigrill would be a great alternative. It would make things quick and easy and tasting great.

  41. JoAnne Hudy

    It would be great to grill year-round without freezing my tooshie…

    I would definitely try cooking some juicy steaks on this awesome grill.

  42. Heidi P

    T-Fal Optigrill would be super handy in our household with 3 sons & one daughter and grandkids this grill would be a very busy appliance making delicious meals and sandwiches any time of the day. I know the kids would love to grill up chicken, kebobs, grill-cheese sandwiches and more. Thanks for the chance to win one…

  43. Carole D

    The T-FAL OptiGrill Smart make my life easier by not having to go outside to grill and it’s all dishwasher safe. I would cook some Steaks and so much more!

  44. HEIDI C.

    We would love to BBQ throughout the year but the weather where we live is not conducive to this. I would use this indoor one to grill burgers, steaks, fish, pork chops, veggies…

  45. Wanda B

    It would make my life easier by giving me an easy option for quick meals. I would start by making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

  46. Karla Sceviour

    ohh,it would be wonderful. I could grill steaks and pork chops for supper instead of having to go out in the cold to grill on a big bbq.
    I`d make burgers,veggies,steaks and pork chops!

  47. Tara Gauthier

    This would be perfect for my husband. He likes to bbq in the summer so this would be a great way to get him cooking indoors in the Winter. He would love that it’s bluetooth connected – he is big on gadgets!

  48. Jay M

    So we currently use the bbq in the winter, which on nice days isn’t so bad, but on days like today (*stops to listen to the snow and ice pellets slam into the windows*) bbq-ing just isn’t an option. It’d be pretty convenient to have a T-FAL OptiGrill Smart that sits on the counter! And I also must admit that my husband does most of the grilling, so any meal that he can do makes me a happy wife! I really think the SMART function would encourage him to cook more 🙂 Win! Win!

  49. Donna S Dufresne

    I had my yearly appointment with my G.P in 2010 and was diagnosed with a brain tumor thank God it is benign. The kind of tumor I have is actually called a PSEUDO TUMOR laying against my optic nerve OUCHIE it is weird if I gain weight it gets worst so bad that I have had now 3 spinal taps again OUCH. So winning this grill can actually help me eat better and healthier. Less body fatless pain basically.
    And last month I had my yearly check up and both my doctor and I were very happy as I have lost almost 30 lbs since last November.

  50. Sarah

    My family loves to BBQ but don’t currently own one so this would be perfect!! We would grill chicken and steak first. Thanks

  51. Shelley Hickey

    It would make my life easier as I wouldn’t have to watch something cooking on the BBQ and it looks like it could could just the right amount for me and my hubby!

  52. Athena

    We love to barbeque and grill – this would simplify things for us and we’d be able to enjoy it year round!
    I’d love to make grill chicken breasts or steak.

  53. Mellie C

    It’s winter and firing up the BBQ is sort of dreaded at this time. I would be excited to throw a few marinated steaks and grill them to perfection but I wont forget the grilled veggies too.


    OMGosh !!!! the first thing I would cook on that grill would be a steak with mushrooms and onions .. mmmm and next would be salmon and grilled veggies .. with grilled sweet potatoes .. so many things i could try ..

  55. Natalie

    This would make my life easier because a lot of the vegetarian things I’d like to grill fall through the grill on the barbecue or get stuck to it. Not a problem with this! I can’t wait to try making a chickpea burger on it.

  56. Debbie Bashford

    I am a horrible cook and meat always ends up so tough, this would make me look brilliant in the kitchen and save everyone’s jaws

  57. SweetPanda

    This would help my life easier when I need to quickly fix something for dinner. I would use it to make burgers or grilled chicken breast

  58. Dave S

    It would make family meals quicker and allow us to grill in the winter without standing outside in the minus OMG temperatures. One of the first things I would make is burgers.

  59. Travelbuds

    It would make life easier for me as I have 2 teenage kids and it would mean making a quick and easy dinner when we’re on the go.

  60. Eva Mitton-Urban

    Steadfast and strong with 2019 resolutions to transform my immediate family to GOAL weights. Eating lean – this would be ideal for Salmon and Artichoke spears. Thanks for the chance.

  61. Miz Stellar

    I would use it to grill chicken breasts, steaks, pork chops and vegetables. This will definitely make it easier to cook dinner and to clean up. Luv to win this. 🙂

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