Tea The Way It Was Meant To Be With the Breville Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact

Breville Tea Infuser Compact


Disclosure: we received the Breville Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact at our request. Any and all experiences and opinions are always that of our own unless otherwise stated.

Sherri, myself and even Cadence, (of course with no caffeine for Cadence) enjoy a warm and relaxing cup of tea done right. Did you know that in order to get the proper taste and enjoyment out of your favorite cup of tea, you need to have it brewed for the right amount of time and temperature? I can honestly say that I didn’t completely understand that until it was proven to me. I guess, if you think about coffee for a second, burnt coffee taste disgusting right? Well, it’s very much the same idea in my opinion, for tea, after you brew it right you just know.

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Have it now, or have it later, Breville has a product to take care of all your tea steeping needs. The only thing left for you to do is to pour and decide where you will enjoy it!


Breville steep

As mentioned, tea is all about timing! No, I don’t mean when you choose to enjoy it, but the amount of time you take to make it. It starts with what type of tea you plan on consuming. Are you a green, white, oolong, herbal or Black teas drinker? Not only are all of these different but the way they are brewed also needs to be suited to the individual type. This has everything to do with the temperature they are brewed at, ranging from 175°F for a green tea to 212°F for a black tea. Thankfully, the Breville Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact has the 5 presets needed for you to adjust at the push of a button!

Done right? Not so fast, I know you want to sit and enjoy that beautiful aromatic brew but grabbing it too fast may also not be the thing to do, at least just yet. How do you like your tea? Are you like me and prefer a weak to medium strength or are you an all-in, give me the potent taste, fill it to the rim tea drinker? Breville has taken care of that as well by allowing you to choose a brewing time on the Breville Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact between a 1 – 5 minute adjustable setting. Don’t worry, the brewer will beep to let you know when your desired setting has been reached. Brew up to 34oz/4cups in the compact jug.


Breville Tea Infuser

Final Thoughts

This is for the tea enthusiast and who isn’t? Yes, we do love our coffee, but there is always time for tea as well. This being said, we save so much by purchasing our favorite tea brand and brewing at home in the Breville Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact. I’m not saying to not treat yourself to a branded tea from a specialty store, just that you can have it at home too. Cleaning the unit is a breeze and it takes me a lot to say that! The compact jug is very easily dismantled with one touch of the magnetic button, empty your leaves and washing the interior with soap and water. The other fact is that now we can donate the our trusty kettle as this product can be used to boil water swiftly for all of your other hot drink needs. During our usage we could find nothing outside the fact that at times we could use a larger jug, however, Breville has a larger unit that does up to 7 cups too! We’d have no problem recommending the Breville Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact to purchase for yourself or a gift. You can tell it’s a quality product, backed with a great warranty and brand.


Win a Breville Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact!

Yes, that’s right! At the time of posting, we are very grateful that Breville Canada has given us the opportunity to give a unit just like the one we have received to a lucky reader. I’m sure you are just as excited as we are! So enter below and we wish you all good luck! Can’t wait and want it now? Visit the Breville Canada website by clicking their logo below and order now, or visit a local retailer.



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Comments 128

  1. Kelly Harding

    There is nothing like a soothing relaxing cup of tea at the end of the day, especially after running after a very active puppy all day 🙂

  2. Vicki Gray

    Our favourite tea time activity is sitting and reading books quietly! There is nothing better than escaping into your own world while sipping a nice hot cuppa!

  3. Cathy Oppedisano

    My favorite tea time activity would be enjoying my tea in front of a fire, roasting a couple marshmallows in the flames and adding them to my tea to sweeten it up.

  4. Amanda Masters

    Well my husband is British so we drink tea from the time out eyes open til we shut them at night. Our favourite is probably when we go on Sunday family drives, we plan and dream and enjoy a huge cuppa. We often say we need a portable kettle for the road.

  5. Florence Cochrane

    I enjoy my tea when I get up in the morning and another one after my supper. This would be perfect gift for my husband drinks tea all day long.

  6. Erin N

    What a cool appliance! I am a huge tea lover 🙂 I love to have tea and read a book! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

  7. Pamela Fontaine

    Nothing better than having a good chat and a cup of tea! Maybe some cookies and more tea… and a little harmless gossip?

  8. travelbuds

    Tea time (when I’m home) is mid afternoon with a cookie. My grandmother was British and didn’t miss out of afternoon tea. When I’m at work it’s tea time all day, I always have a mug of tea on my desk.

  9. Kay

    Favourite tea activity is brewing a cup of Irish Barry’s Tea, letting it steep in a hot pot (always instructed by our parents growing up!) and enjoying with a biscuit and my book 🙂 Reminds me of home.

  10. Alison Braidwood

    I usually drink tea at work. So that’s not so fun :0 But when I’m at home, I enjoy having a cup of tea if I’m reading in the evening.

  11. Viv Sluys

    Once a week my daughters, my sister and I drink tea and do art together; painting, sketching, colouring, occasionally clay work. She has a vast selection of teas and we love trying different ones. It’s my favourite thing to do while drinking tea but I also drink tea while working on my laptop, watching tv, doing dishes or playing board games.

  12. Kristy R.

    I love to read a book while drinking my tea. Sometimes, I just like to sit and look at the mountains though. Everyday, they look different. They are fascinating.

  13. Heidi P

    When the house has settled down and most in bed, I love to curl up on the big sofa with a spot of tea and a sweet dessert and watch a good movie. Love the quiet of the eve, the delicious cup of tea and a good movie

  14. Wanda Tracey

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win a Breville Smrt Tea Infuser that would be perfect to make my favorite teas in. I love sipping on a cuppa while I am watching a good movie on Netflix.

  15. Amber Y

    My favourite tea time activity is watching movies. It’s hard to do much with a hot cuppa tea clutched in your hands, but watching tv is an easy one.

  16. Cheryl k

    Meeting with friends, sipping a cup of tea and catching up. I also love sipping my morning cup of tea to wake up in the morning. Those 30 minutes are priceless.

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