Why I choose the Turtle Beach® Elite Pro™ 2 + SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio System?

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Disclosure: I was provided this product at my personal request to facilitate this review. Any thoughts and/or opinions are always that of my own unless otherwise stated. 

So you read a title like that and I suspect you get all up in arms about your 4K display. Easy, calm down folks, sorry but it’s true. If you want your gaming experience to be better than just good, sound is the most important tool you have access to. Let me explain using a few of the current games everyone is playing right now. You are online playing a match of Fortnite, COD’s Blackout, Red Dead Redemption 2 and you can see an enemy has spotted you in the distance. You’re behind cover and feeling pretty safe, right? Nope, you’re poor quality sound has let someone from behind you get close enough to end you and let’s hope it’s not an embarrassing up close and personal take out. We have all been there at one time or another, but we can disrupt the norm and at the absolute least decrease the amount of times it happens. Turtle Beach has been in my life for as long as online gaming has been a thing. They have so many levels of gaming audio that you can go simple, or turn heads. When I realized my long-time used Turtle Beach model was starting to have some wear, it only made sense to look what was current. This is where the Elite Pro 2 Headset + SuperAmp for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Windows 10 computers comes into play. 


Turtle Beach Elite 2 +SuperAmp



Elite Pro 2 Gaming Headset, Elite SuperAmp Audio Controller
Headset Audio Cable, Mini USB Power Cable (PS4 includes optical cable)
Quick Start Guide
Turtle Beach Sticker
**According to the website, you can easily swap and update the look of the Elite Pro™ 2 with a set of new speaker plates, which is pretty cool. I tested the removal and considering they are magnetic, it’s definitely an easy swap for when the time comes! (SEE THEM HERE)



It all comes down to the details and quality and Turtle Beach® left nothing out from this headset. Turtle Beach took things a few steps further with the creation of the Elite Pro™ 2 gaming audio system. How? Not only did they put their normal finesse into it, as they do with all of the headsets I’ve used, they collaborated with some crazy good esports teams to have them fine tune what a gamer wants. Doing so, it delivers performance that you could only dream about, that is until you own a pair! Imagine telling your friends that your gaming audio was developed with OpTic and Slyce esports teams, WOW! The first thing I noticed, when placing them on, was how form-fitting they are. You want to drown out the outside sounds and hear only what your diving into right? Well the Turtle Beach Elite 2 does just that and then some. The over-ear 50mm Nanoclear™ speakers allowed me to hear sounds the way I think they were supposed to be heard. I have caught myself thinking, what is that, while playing a game because it was either in with another noise or just not made out at all. The sound is clear and extremely precise…..Want a real scare? Play something like Outlast, (Mature title) and tell me you don’t get freaked out! I’m sure you can agree that gaming sessions can be hours long, where you both need and want something comfortable. The Aerofit™ Ear Cushions are really comfortable, keep me from overheating, and I can wear my glasses when I need to without sacrificing comfort or quality loss. Actually the fabric is of an athletic type, so that it works with and for you, instead of against. Most of my play happens online, and there is nothing more frustrating that someone saying, your mic is garbage. I can assure you that I have never run into that with a Turtle Beach piece and this one has a noise-cancelling Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak™ Technology. What does that mean? Not only do you get everything you want to hear while your gaming, your squad-mates don’t get anything unwanted or unnecessary on theirs. If your take a drum break though, muting the mic with the in-line switch is always an option.


SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio Controller 

SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio Controller 


When you purchase your Turtle Beach® Elite Pro™ 2 + SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio System, be careful as to choosing the correct model for your needs. The product is available in two models, one that is compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10 (White) and the other for PS4™,PS4™ PRO as well as PC (Black). How is it? It’s like sound on steroids! Ok, so you have a wired set… crickets. I love this! I do not want to be in the middle of a heated multiplayer game and lose my sound. You lose sound and the outcome is likely going to be bad. Easy to set up and configure to say the least. On both Xbox One and PC, it is only a matter of a usb plugged between the system and the controller, then your audio jack from the controller to the headset. What’s more is that by downloading the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app, available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, you have control at your fingertips like you can only imagine. Don’t worry though, it’s easy to use as well! 

Using the single-dial on the Elite SuperAmp™ allows you to adjust the main volume, but the app is where it shines. Adjust your game volume and game chat levels, choose from one of 4 audio presets and best of all, it has a SuperHuman Hearing™ option that increases those hard to hear sounds even more. Do you already have the Turtle Beach® Elite Pro™ 2 + SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio System but want to use it on another? You don’t need to purchase the complete setup again, CLICK HERE for details on just the Elite SuperAmp™.




This isn’t yesterday’s tech! I’m head-over-heels infatuated with this product. At first use, they kind of freaked me out but only because I was hearing things that were never there before. Ok, they were there, but not defined enough to decipher. The comfort level after 4 – 6 hours is superior to any setup I’ve ever used in the past with zero product induced fatigue afterwards. I do recommend taking breaks when playing, as a norm, for your overall health, but that’s not a product related point, just smart gaming in general. Have I had some pretty bass driven, loud sets in the past? Yes, but not with the clarity of the Turtle Beach® Elite Pro™ 2 + SuperAmp™. Loud is absolutely great, but clarity is crucial and this product is able to give me that. The control I have with the app addition and SuperAmp™ is not only extraordinarily easy to use, but has just the right amount of usable features. Oh, BTW its Bluetooth! Every answer a phone call while gaming and not having to take your headset off and pickup your device? Now you can do it without removing anything! I can see my love for this product only growing with time, with the opportunity to use them for streaming games on mixer, joining in friends podcasts and even listening to my favorite tunes. Would I recommend them? Hell yes! Remember this though, they are not your entry-level unit. They are a sound-summoning beautiful addition to your gaming audio experience and can truly only be appreciated by trying them for yourself. In the end, Turtle Beach has never really let me down and have a fantastic assortment of gaming audio headsets to suit both your needs and wants. If this particular product is too much for you, or there are other options you have in mind, don’t hesitate to see what other models they currently offer. 


Thanks to Turtle Beach, at the time of this post/review, they allowed us the Turtle Beach Recon 200 Headset in the color of your choice, (Black or White) which is pretty fantastic!


Black Recon 200 White Recon 200







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answerthetullyphoneWhy I choose the Turtle Beach® Elite Pro™ 2 + SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio System?

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  1. Kate Hearn

    Either my husband (currently right into Red Dead Redemption 2) or my kiddo, who is still very much obsessed with Fortnite

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    This would defiently be for my son he is the biggest gamer I know, i couldn’t tell you what his favorite game is as he is 27 and I don’t stay at his place watching him play his games

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    These would be for my son as he loves to play as for me my their current favorite game I think is World of War Craft,I think that’s right.I only play mario.

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    tHESE would go to my husband who plays this online game with others and its loud and annying and they take down castles and stuff like that. No idea what the game is called unless there IS one called loud and annoying..

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    I would be using these lovely headphones….when my kids don’t steal them for their games! We definitely need an extra pair in the house

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    these would be for my son….not too sure what his fav game is right now but I know he was enjoying Red Dead Redemption II….

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    Since it’s the gift-giving season, I would totally keep these headphones for myself, which would then give my husband the gift of silence while I play Spider-Man on my PS4, heh. Win-win! 😀 Really enjoying Spider-Man – just started the game, and finally, got to see Fisk as the bad-a bossman he’s meant to be!

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    My oldest son would love these he loves Fortnight, Torn and a few other online games that I really don’t know the names of

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    My husband and kids would love these, they like playing Minecraft. My hubby plays some other games too I just don’t remember the names.

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