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Disclosure: The products within were provided by each sponsor to us free to facilitate our gift guide. They were requested by us and would be items we personally would have purchased this year had we not had this opportunity. All experiences and or opinions are always that of our own unless otherwise stated. 

Another year has almost come and gone and we are here talking about the holidays yet once again! We are so grateful that we have the opportunity to not only offer some ideas for your holiday shopping but to also give you the opportunity to win some of the great items we have chosen from brands for our family. Check out below, in no particular order, the items we chose to place under our Christmas tree this year and know that the family member receiving them are going to be extremely happy! We are ever so grateful you have taken the time to read our gift guide and share with friends and family each year and equally happy to have some amazing sponsors that have agreed to be part for another year.



Hasbro products


Hasbro has been a huge staple in our family for years, and as you can see by the picture above, we love our board game nights and Play-Doh fun! When it comes to spending time together as a family, playing a board game is a great way to be involved with your kids, and Play-Doh, well, who hasn’t spent hours at some point in their lives molding something out of their products? Check out what we chose from Hasbro this year below and should you want to see what else they have in-store for the holidays, come back and CLICK HERE to visit them. 


Monopoly Cheaters Edition


Sherri and Cadence are both huge Monopoly lovers, so adding one or two new editions to the collection is just part of the norm. The Cheaters edition has you follow, bend or break the rules to work your way through the game, but hey DON’T GET CAUGHT! If you do, you’re literally handcuffed to the game board. This version of the game has you cheat to get rewards in hopes to earn…ahem, your way to having it all in the end. AGES 8+ and can entertain from 2 – 6 players. 

*Includes game board, plastic handcuff unit, 6 tokens, 15 Cheat cards, 16 Title Deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, 16 hotels, 2 dice, money pack, bank tray, and game guide. (CLICK TO PURCHASE)


Fortnite Monopoly Hasbro


I did say we were Monopoly fans right? Well this one in particular is an ask from Cadence directly….shhhhhh. When she is not playing her way to the end in a fierce match of battle royale, she will likely be found asking to play this! If you don’t know how Fortnite works, here is a quick rundown, “Monopoly Style”. You need to claim your land, battle opponents and come out as the only one left standing! Instead of money within this version, you are earning XP (Hit Points). The action die lets players pick up health packs, build walls, and damage their opponents. Every time a player passes go they unleash the Storm; avoid it or lose HP. Ok, so as a gamer, I may be a little excited about this version as well! AGES 13+ and can entertain from 2 – 7 players. 

*Includes game board, 27 cardboard outfits with pawn stands, 15 Storm cards, 16 location cards, 16 loot chest cards, 8 Wall cards, 1 numbered die, 1 action die with labels, 110 Health Point chips, and game guide. (CLICK TO PURCHASE)


Connect 4 shots


This fun twist on a classic game is for our niece, but I’m hoping to get in on this action. Connect 4 Shots is a rapid fire, ball bouncing, version of the classic Connect 4 game. You still need to get 4 shots, aligned in a row, to come out a winner but now while firing a bounced ball of your color. Oh and did I mention that you play simultaneously? Oops, minor detail for some major fun! The game takes some minor adult assembly. AGES 8+ and can entertain 2 or more players. 

*Includes collapsible grid, 2 feet, cardboard backboard, 12 yellow balls, 12 red balls, orange ball, and instructions. (CLICK TO PURCHASE)


Playdoh Kitchen Creations


Play-Doh is something all of our family has played with at one time or another. It’s great for creativity, hand-eye co-ordination and just all out fun. Each year, there are so many different sets to choose from, we have a hard time deciding which way to go. Considering this is for our younger niece, we thought the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker was the way to go. I mean really, as a child, why wouldn’t you like to set up your very own ice cream stand and treat your family and friends to a little treat play time? Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. 

FEATURES: Double swirls of fun as kids create 2 colorful Play-Doh ice cream treats at once, 3-in-1 pretend ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkle maker, Includes dishes, cones, and other accessories for imaginary ice cream parties, Top creations with colorfully crazy candies using the half-molds, Features softer, smoother Play-Doh Plus compound for easier squeezing. AGES 3+

*Includes un-assembled play set, 6 ice cream cones, 5 dishes, 4 spoons, 2 creation cards, 6 two-ounce cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound, 2 one-ounce cans of Play-Doh Plus compound (total compound net weight 14 ounces/392 grams), and instructions.






Spin Master Toys


Spin Master Toys have also been a brand that has been in our home for years. Usually when we are looking for something to test our minds, or open its creative boundaries, we can always count on finding something from them. This year was a little different with them, as the products we were looking for were to gift to other child members of the family instead of Cadence for the most part, so choosing was a little more difficult. I say difficult because the selection is pretty vast and we couldn’t choose just a single item. Check out what we chose from Spin Master this year below and should you want to see what else they have in-store for the holidays, come back and CLICK HERE to visit them. 


Kinetic sand


Ok, so let me tell you. Kinetic Sand is just wild! If you have never held it before, picture this. Imaging having the feeling and mold ease of wet sand that is actually dry. Can you feel it in your mind? That’s exactly what this product is like. The product comes with 3 lbs of beach-like sand and two multi-use tools that will allow you to build anything your heart and 3 lbs of beach sand is possible. The product doesn’t dry out and will have your little sand constructor building for hours at a time, destruction and building again! So go ahead and bring the beach home with you and not worry about a mess, as it’s extremely easy to clean up after play time.  AGES 3+ (CLICK TO PURCHASE)


Cool Maker Bath Bomb Spa Kit


How many young girls wouldn’t want to make their very own bath bombs and soaps? Using the Cool Maker JoJo Bath Bomb Spa Kit, your child has the ability to make 10 scented creations, from bath bombs to JoJo-themed soaps where you add drops of scented coloring to customize your creations to your liking. Easy to use and even easier to enjoy! 20 minutes in the freezer after creating and you and maybe whomever you decide to gift some to will be able to have their own spa experience right in their own home. I know our daughter Cadence will not only enjoy making these, but will love the fact that she can share with family or friends.  AGES 8+

*Includes; Molds for soap and press for bath bombs, Ingredients, scented color drops, gift bags/tags to share and a bow sleep mask. 



Cool Maker Kumi Creator


Who doesn’t love bracelets, not to mention an easy way to make some really cool ones? I’m going to date myself and say that, even as a guy, I remember making friendship bracelets when I was in junior high school. They were a pain then as the product was a plastic type and hard to manage when there was no guidance, nor the internet like we have today to help. The Kumi Kreator comes with 88 spools of string, the Kumi Kreator Machine, Clasps, Ruler, and design book to get your creative juices flowing. Imagine loading 5 ready to use string colors of your choice onto the machine and watching them as you spin the wheel to create your very own bracelet, or maybe one to give! There is enough to make up to 10 bracelets customized in the colors of your choosing within the kit. Our niece is going to be so happy creating something she can wear and give to friends that she did by herself! AGES 8+  (CLICK TO PURCHASE)


Perplexus Lightspeed


Like Spin Master Toys, our family is no strangers to the Perplexus toy. We have had and used multiple in the past for really obvious reasons. They are great to work on your ability to focus, patience, strategy, timing and so forth. Perflexus is a 3 dimensional maze, and in the past you didn’t have to thing about anything but making your ball to the end. The Perplexus Lightspeed not only has you do just that but puts you to the ultimate test of time. The addition of lights and music to keep you pushing your way through the maze with three modes of difficulty and 20 levels of twists, turns and ultimate Perplexus maze action. I’m pretty stoked to try this one myself and can tell you that it will be passed throughout family hands and visitors for time to come. 3 AAA batteries included AGES 7+ (CLICK TO PURCHASE)




Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2


We have been a gaming family since before Cadence came into the picture and beyond and at one point or another have owned each and every console that has been created and available to Canadians. Currently we house my main console, the Xbox One X, a PS4 that Sherri plays her favorite title on and Cadence with her Nintendo Switch. Don’t let that fool you, each console is fantastic in their own way and we all play each at different times. Sound is a priority for me! I play every style of game on my X and love multiplayer games that sound means you either win or you lose. This is where the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + Superamp come in. I will be actually writing and posting a more in-depth review about this product, but wanted you to know that it NEEDS to be a main contender in your gifts for the gamer in your home! SPOILER FOR THOSE READING THIS – That post will have a fantastic giveaway as well! So much is able to be done with this product that I can’t fit it all within this guide and needs a post of its very own. If you want superior sound, be able to control it with a device as well as maybe even accept an incoming phone call, you need not look any further. This pro performance gaming audio system were designed in collaboration with leading experts teams and pro players to ensure the best possible gaming experience for you. In the meantime, if you would like further information you can visit their website **NOTE – Purchase for correct console/PC. Extra Superamp for additional console use as pictured above is not included.  (CLICK TO PURCHASE)




It should be no surprise by now that we are huge Xbox fans, so much so that this particular add-on to our Holiday guide was not information we felt you needed to have on hand for this years holiday shopping! CLICK THE ABOVE IMAGE to choose your perfect Xbox gift for this holiday season. Can we make a suggestion? If you already have a new Xbox gaming console at home, a year of Xbox Game Pass makes an incredible gift, and pair that with Gold and well it’s like major parenting, spouse, partner, friend or you know just MAJOR points! 




The Breville Smart Tea Infuserโ„ข Compact


Sherri, myself and even Cadence, (of course with no caffeine for Cadence) enjoy a warm and relaxing cup of tea done right. Did you know that in order to get the proper taste and enjoyment out of your favorite cup of tea, you need to have it brewed for the right amount of time and temperature? I can honestly say that I didn’t completely understand that until it was proven to me. I guess, if you think about coffee for a second, burnt coffee taste disgusting right? Well, it’s very much the same idea in my opinion, for tea. This product, like a previous one listed, made it into our gift guide because it suits our lifestyle and should you be a tea drinker, you will want it in yours. As shared from their website, “The Breville Smart Tea Infuserโ„ข Compact knows the right temperature and steep time to bring out the best in your favorite teas. Set the timer to tell you when steeping is complete then it automatically keeps warm until you are ready to drink. Never over-steep your tea again. Makes your perfect cup, for you or a few.” There will soon be a more in-depth post for this product posted here on our website. SPOILER FOR THOSE READING THIS – That post will have a fantastic giveaway as well! If you don’t want to wait, see more details on their website here. (CLICK TO PURCHASE)





Some of us are local to the Greater Moncton, New Brunswick area and would love to have ideas that are close to home. Jenna of Pickle Planet Moncton asked if I wanted to be part of her, “12 Days Of Local Gifting” and of course I couldn’t resist. If you want to see what some fantastic local people came up with for ideas, including my local picks, check out her post by CLICKING HERE or the image above.  You will want to give Jenna’s channels and those you can involved a follow for more from them in the future! 








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Comments 136

  1. Rosanne Robinson

    My favourite holiday tradition is our annual family Christmas party. We have a big immediate family (70+ people) and we get together every year on the weekend before Christmas. We share yummy food, drinks, laughs, & sing Christmas Carols, as watch the little ones open up their presents.

  2. Melissa

    I love our sleep under the tree tradition. we get a real tree decorate it and that night the kids get a camp out beside the twinkling tree

  3. Lisa Spr

    We go out for a walk every Christmas eve looking at ll the Christmas decorations after church and then home for hot chocolate and cookies

  4. Cindy Procter

    my favorite holiday tradition is the day we all pile into our truck and head to the bush to find our perfect Christmas Tree, it’s a fun filled day with hot chocolate, sledding, argueing over trees and lots of family fun

  5. Kristy Reid

    A few years ago, we started wearing matching jammies on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. It’s so much fun! The kids look so cute when they are all dressed in similar outfits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. andrea amy

    One of my favourite traditions is the Christmas Eve gift – it is never anything big, just something to help keep them busy on Christmas Eve like a small craft kit, a book they want, or pjs and a dvd, or even a new pillow and blanket.

  7. sabina Edwards

    My holiday tradition is taking that week off of work …we generally only work a few days as it is, ,and the last time I worked on Christmas eve, everyone left and I was stuck there by myself til 8:30pm..I vowed never again !!!

  8. Julie Bolduc

    Our tradition is to give the family new pjs on Christmas eve and we always buy a new board game to play on Christmas eve

  9. Sandra McG

    I have been getting together with my granddaughter since she was about 2 years old to do Christmas baking together….of course things have changed over the years as she gets older as to what we are doing, mostly just decorating when she was really little …..but now that she is older we can really get into it together and she even has her own recipes that she has found on pinterest that will be become new family favorites!

  10. Samantha h

    One holiday tradition i plan on adding this year is making everyone a gift in a jar. I’ll take a mason jar and each one will have its own theme curated to each persons taste!

  11. Jaimeem

    My family’s holiday tradition is putting the tree up while Christmas music plays, and then watching Christmas movies on the weekends following up to Christmas and eating popcorn

  12. LisaM

    We love our quiet dinner with friends – we do it in between christmas and new years and it’s just such a lovely low-key night in the middle of all the madness.

  13. Jonnie

    My favorite holiday tradition is going sledding in our new pyjamas on Christmas Eve night and if the weather doesn’t co-operate for sledding, driving around looking at light displays while listening to Christmas carols.

  14. Anne Taylor

    My fave tradition is buying raw almonds, soaking them, skinning them and roasting them! They are delicious and reminds me of my mom and grandma!

  15. DeeDee F

    We love cutting down the perfect family Christmas tree at the local tree farm. We have a little tailgate party afterwards complete with cocoa and cookies!

  16. Viv Sluys

    We go to a Christmas play on the first weekend of December every year followed by the parade. Itโ€™s a busy day but a fun tradition.

  17. Nicole Bonomo

    Usually host Christmas every year, make gingerbread houses, and watch the Home Alone movies. This year is a lot harder as my mother who has lived with me for the past 22 years has cancer and is palliative at home. Will try to make this an extra memorable Christmas for the kids, while keeping my mom as comfortable as possible.

  18. Chantale F

    We don’t have a Christmas tradition really but every year on Boxing Day we get up super early to go deal shopping. We have been doing that for 13 years now .

  19. Jay M

    My favourite tradition is playing board games on Christmas Eve. It’s always fun seeing the older folks be silly and it’s a great way to bring the whole family together.

  20. Clair Palmer

    we love to bake up a bunch of goodies, for friends and family of course for us too, drive around check out all the lights then come home warm up watching movies while eating our baked goods

  21. Shirley OFlynn

    Every Christmas Eve we watch “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and then we each open one present. I really like the ugly Christmas sweater tradition so I plan to do that next year as well.

  22. Jennifer Lachance

    our tradition is going tobogganing with friends and family all 30 of us and then coming home to watch xmas movies

  23. Debbie S.

    My favorite Christmas tradition is on Christmas Eve we get together, keep check on the Santa tracker. My son goes on the roof and stomps around and the grand children rush outside to see if they can spot Santa!

  24. Robyn Bellefleur

    My favorite tradition is baking and decorating gingerbread with my kids. I did it with my mom and now I do it with my kids.

  25. Amanda Masters

    Our favourite is going to Niagara on the lake to see all the beautiful lights. We get in the car for a few hours, with hot chocolate, all Christmas music on the radio and it’s the greatest. I will continue doing this so long as my children come along.

  26. Bernice

    My favourite holiday tradition is taking the kids driving around to look at all the Christmas lights then going home top have slow cooker hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies

  27. Ryan B

    favorite holiday tradition is the family feast on Christmas Eve, and the reading of the Night Before Christmas just before bed

  28. tanyab79

    My favourite has always been the entire family getting together and baking the xmas goodies along with the meatpies. We made a day of it. Great memories.

  29. brandi gauvin

    we always do a big family dinner at our mother’s home ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m the one that always brings something weird to eat lol

  30. linda

    Liked to sponsor either a family or a senior within our community. This year we are sponsoring a senior man. Many friends have added to the package so he will have a very Merry Christmas.

  31. Megan F.

    We open the kids gifts on Christmas Eve. The kids hand out the gifts that they got everyone. This is to teach more about the joy of giving rather than getting the presents.

  32. Amy Stackhouse

    One of our family’s favourite traditions is cutting down our own Christmas tree. A friend has property and used to trim trees to sell. He hasn’t had time to continue and a lot of the tree have grown over 20+ feet. It’s always an adventure!

  33. Julie-Lynne McCann

    Every year we go for a drive with my parents, to see all the Christmas lights. We get hot chocolate from Tim’s , head out in the vehicle ~ Christmas tunes cranked and go for loooong drive in the night time! LOVE IT

  34. Heather Howard

    My favorite tradition is going outside Christmas eve in our jammies to sprinkle “magic reindeer” food on the ground so Santa’s reindeer can find us. We also read a new Christmas/holiday story every night and we all enjoy that too.

  35. Florence Cochrane

    I love getting to spend time with family each year. Going to be a bit different this year. My 88 year old mom broke her leg in 3 places. My Christmas will be spent mostly at the hospital.

  36. Florence Cochrane

    I like spending time with family. My 88 year old mom fell and broke her leg in 3 places. I will be spending most of my time at the hospital this holiday.

  37. HEIDI C.

    One of my favourite traditions is taking my four kids to ChaptersIndigo so that they can “shop” for each other. I set a limit and then they make their choices. It is so much fun!

  38. Christine F

    We love going to watch the Santa Claus parade, making desserts with grandma, watching the CP holiday train, visiting Niagara Falls light displays, baking goodies .. too many fun things!

  39. Elaine G

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with the kids and decorate them together and listen to Christmas music as we do it.

  40. Erica Seaman

    On Christmas Eve day, my 2 Children & I purchase 8 hot chocolate from a local coffee shop and we drive around and give them to random people….talk about spreading Christmas cheer!!!

  41. Diana

    We have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, and spend all of Christmas Day in our pyjamas playing games and eating leftovers…everyone who comes over has to wear pyjamas that day!

  42. Kim Stenner

    Every Christmas Eve our family and friends get together. For about 25 years now each of the kids (who are now adults) play an instrument or recite a poem or story. We are entertained for hours by the reciting of The Night Before Christmas and the Grinch and the flute player, piano and guitars.

  43. Katie C

    We always bake and decorate cookies, this year we will be delivering them to some very special people that might otherwise not get these treats!

  44. Lynda Cook

    My favourite tradition is making Pillsbury Grands Christmas morning, they smell great baking and something tasty to eat while we open gifts, been doing this for years now!

  45. Krista M

    We are going to add Christmas night karaoke to our traditions now! It’s a great way to bring the family together for some fun!

  46. joy

    i need some new holiday traditions, for sure — I would like to add a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods, or a beach vacation – but that’s not going to happen any time soon! We do the normal stuff like put up a real tree, decorate it, put out our stockings for Santa on Christmas Eve, and open our gifts on Christmas morning. Definitely need to add some new fun!!

  47. Michael Edwards

    We always play boardgames together on Christmas Eve until midnight, then we open one gift before going to bed – it helps them sleep later in the morning too!

  48. Amber Y

    My favourite tradition is filling stockings. Everyone wraps and adds in one or two small items and it makes it a lot of fun.

  49. kathy downey

    Our favorite holiday tradition is the whole family gathering at Mom’s for Moose pie and broken glass cake,family are the best !

  50. Dawn Walsh

    My favorite tradition is opening one present on Xmas eve always was pjs so we were not in raggedy pjs for pics in the morning

  51. Erin N

    My favourite Christmas tradition is opening our presents of pajamas for everyone on Christmas Eve and sleeping in them, of course ๐Ÿ™‚ I love traditions! I want to add some more, but haven’t nailed down on thing, yet. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful time with your beautiful family ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Terri Baker

    Our favourite family tradition is watching Scrooge together every Christmas eve. We have been doing this my entire life.

  53. Marlene Unruh

    We love to sit at the outside fire on Christmas Eve,have hot chocolate and marshmallows, and the little ones love to watch the sky for Santa Claus.

  54. Catherine Robichaud

    My favourite Holiday tradition is our family’s annual Christmas Eve potluck dinner and Christmas carol sing-a-long.

  55. angela eagle

    every year my son and I choose one new Christmas ornament sometimes with the year on it sometimes with just something meaningful to us

  56. Cheryl H

    Our favourite family tradition is baking, i do a lot of baking and in the holiday season i do way more baking than usual and i love having the kids in the kitchen with me to make cookies for families and santa of course

  57. em

    we wear our christmas pjs and take a group photo. when we were little we used to bake cookies christmas day but now that we’re older and further away from each other we don’t do it anymore. i miss those days

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