Matthew Tully is the founder of Answer The Tullyphone, a family lifestyle blog where he, his wife Sherri and daughter Cadence write about anything and everything family. A tech forward, animal loving, child at heart kind of man that will go to lengths to make you smile.

Driving school bus is his day job and prefers when doing so to be a disability bus as he finds it great to help anyway he can with whom he feels are more intelligent than what some are lead to believe. His second passion without discount is blogging where he works to create some personal and brand oriented engagement that will have you returning again and again.

Although Matthew is the main voice of Answer The Tullyphone, his blog brings so much variety to it with the family additions from his families volunteer work at the S.P.C.A. to his daughter’s engagement with Earth Rangers and their quest for conservation. Matthew has received multiple awards in the past working in the automotive industry for strong sales achievements to operations management and works extremely hard at anything he does to ensure the job is done in an efficient manner. He and his family are committed to helping in whatever way they can to bring focus to any current projects with a touch of a family lifestyle and maybe a bit of humor on the side.


Our daughter Cadence 2013



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  1. Doris Calvert

    Been following you for at least over a year and love your blog, I have subscribed to your emails and use to get one every so often but have not received one for months, is this due to a glitch or just that you don’t send them out often? I keep missing a ton of things so would like to fix it if it’s a glitch! Thank you

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