20 questions while you Netflix? Google it!


20 questions while you Netflix? Google it!

Things have drastically changed for us and for our children when it comes to questioning what we see on television, or I should say Netflix. Can you guess that a “when I was a child” phrase is coming? You would be right! When I was a child, I remember spending hours watching television with my father when he was home from work. Through those hours, I must have driven him nuts with questions about what we were watching. During that time, with no access to technology we have today, he would either have the answer, tell me to grab an encyclopedia or the famous “go as your mother”. Not only do we all not have to do this today, but we can sometimes have the answer in seconds!Read More

answerthetullyphone20 questions while you Netflix? Google it!

Halloween Horrors… tips for surviving the most frightful holiday of the year!

Halloween Pumpkin and lamp

Halloween Horrors… tips for surviving the most frightful holiday of the year

Halloween horrors aren’t just reserved for haunted houses. Finding the perfect costume, especially for a girl (from our experiences) can be far less than a treat, unless we wanted her to be half-dressed. I can tell you that isn’t happening! We also found a way to keep her from ruining her teeth in less than a week with a trick we have been using since she was small. I’m sure this is at least a little bit intriguing? Read on to see how to find the perfect costume for your little one as well as how to possibly avoid an early dentist visit. Let’s face it, Halloween can be a frightful time of year for any parent, but with these tricks up your sleeve, this spooky time of year will be so much more of a treat.Read More

answerthetullyphoneHalloween Horrors… tips for surviving the most frightful holiday of the year!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions OPEN!

gift guide

Answer The Tullyphone is now accepting submissions for its 2017 Holiday Gift Guide through October, 2017. They are to be featured online at answerthetullyphone.com (as well as .ca) and throughout our social media channels, the guide will feature fantastic toys, tech, lifestyle and other gifts of the year. Moving into our 5th year, Answer The Tullyphone is a trusted resource for parents and gift-givers throughout the year. Our Holiday Gift Guide will feature gifts for parents and children from Pre-Teen and older (10+). If you’re a Company wanting customers to shop your location this holiday season, have a great toy, game, tech or location etc. you’d like to have considered for inclusion in our guide, please fill out the submission form by clicking the ornament below. Preference will be given to products/bundled goods that cover our normal rates, but feel free to submit if you feel something could be worked out.Read More

answerthetullyphone2017 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions OPEN!

Vitafusion SleepWell – Helping Canadians get a quality night’s sleep #churchanddwight

Vitafusion SleepWell – Helping Canadians get a quality night’s sleep

This time of year, more than any, it is so very important for our family to get a good nights rest. Our daughter Cadence is back to school and myself also driving school bus, we both need to be rested and alert in the morning. If I’m completely honest, I’m personally not one that would have tried a sleeping aid due, but Melatonin is natural and was something that I knew wasn’t going to stay with me for long. I’d recommend it to friends in a heartbeat, but that’s my opinion. Read more, learn and see for yourself, why you may want to give it a go. Read More

answerthetullyphoneVitafusion SleepWell – Helping Canadians get a quality night’s sleep #churchanddwight

The Art Of Netflix Persuasion. #ad #Streamteam

Netflix Persuasion

Have you ever wanted to binge your way through a show or series, but didn’t want to do it alone? Don’t worry, you are definitely not the only one! We all have moments where we just want company, even if a little persuasion is needed. Netflix persuasion is a thing, and I’ve used it to gain a binge-buddy out of my wife and or daughter. – I swear, that should be the opening statement to a new support group! LolRead More

answerthetullyphoneThe Art Of Netflix Persuasion. #ad #Streamteam

A child’s birthday can be stressful. Let Netflix help!

Netflix Birthday Hacks

Let’s face it, year after year the stress of a child’s approaching birthday party can take a toll on a parent. Choosing a theme, is it going to be just a family thing, or will other friends be involved, out or in, and it goes on and on. Birthdays can get expensive, and even lose meaning behind them when money is spent in the wrong area. Netflix has introduced a way to brighten-up your child’s birthday right in your own home that is free for subscribers and downright awesome. Check it out!Read More

answerthetullyphoneA child’s birthday can be stressful. Let Netflix help!

Best Buy is your answer for a babies arrival. #BestBuyBaby

Best Buy Baby

I suspect you all know by now how much our family loves to shop at Best Buy, both in store, and at bestbuy.ca. I can’t help checking out all of their sales, each day, including their “baby sale” running at the time of this post. When our daughter Cadence was born, we had to cross-border shop into Maine in order to visit Best Buy, but now having them local and the website available to shop from, it’s great for buying gifts for a friends new addition. Memories come flashing back of when we were getting our home ready for Cadence’s arrival while browsing through the items in the baby and maternity section of bestbuy.ca. Check out some of the items below that we would choose if we were expecting now for ourselves, a family member or even an expecting friend!Read More

answerthetullyphoneBest Buy is your answer for a babies arrival. #BestBuyBaby

Easy DIY Pet Bed!

Easy do it yourself pet bed

This pet bed is probably the most simple project I’ve ever actually done, but looks great! I like doing simple projects that have purpose, and with little effort and a few instructions, you can too. Maybe even better! I made this elevated pet bed for one of our cats, but it could easily be used for a small dog, (Approx. 25lbs, use your judgement).Read More

answerthetullyphoneEasy DIY Pet Bed!

Moms Know Best: University Student Care Package Essentials for Your Kids #ChurchAndDwight

mom knows best

Moms Know Best: University Student Care Package Essentials for Your Kids

No matter how old your kids get, you’ll never stop being their mom. So naturally, when that bittersweet milestone finally becomes a reality (yes, I’m talking about college or university) you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you’ve equipped them with the tools and the learnings they need to succeed.


Who’s kidding whom? They likely don’t want our advice so keep it short and sweet.

Read More

answerthetullyphoneMoms Know Best: University Student Care Package Essentials for Your Kids #ChurchAndDwight

Vtech your children’s end-of-summer blues away!

Vtech products post header

Summer vacation may be drawing the curtains pretty close to closed, but there is a whole lot of days left ahead. Technology today has moved by leaps and bounds from when Sherri and I were young, and Vtech is keeping our kids in the loop.  When asked if we wanted to check out a couple of their new products, we couldn’t say no! In exchange for sharing an honest review with you, they provided their Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 as well as the Kidizoom Action Cam 180. If anything could have arrived to help with the end-of-summer blues, this was definitely it!Read More

answerthetullyphoneVtech your children’s end-of-summer blues away!