Introducing “You nailed it”
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     Introducing “You nailed it” blog by my beautiful wife Sherri Tully! It has been around for awhile and just shared between friends and links to Pinterest, but I felt it needed a little more action. She is very talented as you can see through her blogs creations, the artwork shared on my Hobbies tab. She is an amazing woman who I would go to the earths end and back for. She has given me my spirit, supported me gave birth to the most perfect little 7 year old daughter a man can have and makes my heart skip a beat still every time we kiss. To tell you she deserves to have her nail blog seen is an understatement and only a very small thing to give back to a woman who need to hear an un-biased response to how talented she truly is. I have made this a post to make people aware of her blog, however, I will put a permanent link to make it easier to find for the future.  

answerthetullyphoneIntroducing “You nailed it”

Isn’t this “Charm” ing?

  As per my wife’s suggestion I have placed this on the blog for my lady followers. This past holiday season when at a function or even in the local shopping centre it seems “an expensive charm brand” was rolling off the lips of many and how costly it is. Now, I should say right now that I have not shopped for a bracelet nor the brand I’m about to show you, but those who have know what the pricing is like.

     I have not been compensated by the company, nor do they have any knowledge of me posting this on my blog but have sent word of this to them to maybe affiliate myself. The reason it made it on here is that I have read reviews and watched video’s and it will be a product our family will invest in. They have great prices in comparison to others on the market and some are very inexpensive. They are .925 sterling silver unless they tell you otherwise. I hope this is of interest to some of you and I’ve placed a link to their website and one of their video’s below. I know a few ladies that are all googly eyed already over their product… lol Happy shopping!!! for site


answerthetullyphoneIsn’t this “Charm” ing?

Another School fundraiser????

My daughter is 7 years old and of course at the impressionable time in her life. She’s very easy to deal with but there has got to be families going though hell with this topic. I’m talking about school fund raisers, you know the ones I mean sell this hawk that and if you sell this many we will give you something you can most likely purchase at the dollar store.
     O.k. now don’t jump on the well it’s for a good cause train and I’m a terrible person just yet. I am not saying that these are not needed for funding the school as well as helping libraries fill their shelves with new literature. What I am getting at is there are other ways to do this and not center out a child.

My thoughts on this are, why not at the beginning of entering your child into school an email address is taken from parents via on of the many forms given to us to fill out asking if it would be o.k. to forward fund raising activities through email to the students? The bulk of the people purchasing today do it usually by credit or debit card and most of it is done by family (the purchasing that is). I don’t know about you but it has been years since I’ve seen a child at my door soliciting…

 This would not only make things run smoothly, there is no chance of theft or loss. I have also placed orders that I have not received and it is a major deal trying to get it straightened out to the point I just said the heck with it. This being done online alleviates that as well because it would be all tracked online. There are children that I’m sure also cannot afford to purchase items that are being sent home and it must make the families feel bad as I’ve had times I couldn’t afford to waste money on items at times. Is it just me or do any of you feel the same way??  I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

answerthetullyphoneAnother School fundraiser????

CES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show!!!)


 It’s like Christmas all over again, my eyes get wide and dreams start flowing….sound corny? It’s the truth. Being a gadget enthusiast knowingly it doesn’t pan out most of the time, I want to at the absolute least try everything. The CES shows all of the new gadgets and technology to be released or conceptual with vivid views and hands on for those lucky enough to have the funds to attend. (NOT ME! lol) I’m good though, as I could spend hours looking and reading about what’s coming, what it does and will it make our lives easier or is it just plain ridiculous. I’ll let you decide what you think and place a couple of links here on just a couple of really good viewing spots for the show. I would really like to hear what item you see that would be the number one from everything you see and why? It’s a dream but I’m all about the new 110 inch Samsung television to occupy a wall in the family room. Why? Should I someday be able to make it happen, our life revolves around spending time together as a family. We watch a lot of movies and I am an avid gamer at times so this would be amazing and again a dream…..but we all need dreams so I say read on and share some of yours with me. 🙂


CES 2014: Live updates Site

CNET’s CES 2014 Coverage

answerthetullyphoneCES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show!!!)

Suffer from Migraine?

Suffer from Migraine? Let’s talk… I have been a chosen one for migraine since I was 11 years of age. Did you notice

I didn’t write “migraine headache”?? There is a reason for this, although the pain is felt in your head, they are two different things and people who have never experienced migraine do not know the difference between them. I bring this up for a couple of reasons, to clarify the difference and I would also like to hear other readers ways of coping and treating.

      I have seen many doctors about my migraines through the years as they progressively got worse having upwards of three to four per week and they were debilitating. What I mean by this is nothing but absolute darkness and quiet with a ice pack over my eyes and forehead until I passed out type of pain. This of course was not a cure, but only a way for me to cope during an episode. These would most times, especially at a young age be also nauseating to the point of vomiting what I had eaten or stomach fluid (Really terrible) if I had not. The nauseating part seamed to disappear almost completely between my teenage years and my mid twenty’s and rarely happened unless it was jackhammer level migraine.

     I can’t say what my triggers are exactly as they didn’t always happen, I know that most were probably stress related but even at that I’m not completely sure. The only two thing I know will be a 50/50 chance in causing a headache that may turn into a migraine is too much time playing a video game and dark chocolate. Other than that I’ve kept journals, and I mean books upon books of what and when I ate to find that nothing was the same often enough to say that it was the cause.

     This all being said…my treatments and how they have worked for me? Take this into consideration first, I’ve not found anything to be a full out cure, nor has anything that a neurologist or general physician offered me that was of any help at all. I also of course cannot tell you that what worked for me will work for you as you can well understand. When I met my wife in 2003 her family travelled to Maine a few times a year, at which time they also were afflicted with migraine and were used to taking “Excedrin Migraine”. I started taking this since that time and will admit in my case that if caught early enough it will either diminish the pain or completely get rid of it. NO other medication has done that for me be it over the counter or by prescription. The other tricks I do is take a shower as HOT as I can stand it letting the jet of the head hit me directly in the eyes and then turn around and let it hit me at the base of my neck, staying in as long as I can stand it or just before the water runs cold. After doing this I dry off and lay down for a short period. I find that the shower usually helps but if I stay up right after it will come crawling back to full force again about 80% of the time. The other thing I’ve found that can work but can be difficult to motivate yourself is to run like the wind…lol. Yes, the one thing that my neurologist told me that seemed to come to a bit of truth is that marathon runners do not suffer from any of this. Basically from my understanding is doing any type of aerobic exercise (I choose to run) increases your heart rate pumping blood and raises levels of adrenaline and endorphins needed to unblock constricted arteries where the problem lies.

     I hope some of my techniques help you and invite you to share some of your methods in the comment section below and maybe someone suffering gets some relief from your suggestion and will send you a message in thanks. Either way, I can always use different ideas with this one as these methods do not work every time. On a side note… one thing that is always talked about kind of sideways out of peoples mouth is intercourse…unless you are going all night and get your heart rate to an aerobic level for a good and long period of time…than I say myth busted to that!! 😛

answerthetullyphoneSuffer from Migraine?

And then there was a blog!!

Welcome to my first post, an exciting time for me. I originally was going to keep a journal for myself just for something to look back on and then over the months I’ve spent at home was inspired by many bloggers. Those of whom you will have access to at the bottom of my main page. Life can be challenging at the best of times with little help outside of your family (if your lucky enough to be in a close family like mine) to speak with someone. This blog has been created to talk about pretty much anything. I have a few focal points such as the tabs at the top which are my main focus, however, Health is a biggie and can mean talking about pretty much anything. I can mean your mental health as well as physical. Am I a Doctor, NO, I am a friendly voice offering advice in areas I’ve gone through and offering resources to areas I have not. I am also the voice of someone who is probably in a non-biased position just to have an open ear. It is an open blog to a certain extent, meaning I will not put up with people being put down for any reason as this would completely take away from it’s purpose!


     On a lighter note, I have worked in many fields and I’m a reasonably tech savvy individual. I will post reviews of things I’ve owned, tried and talk about items on my wish list. I am a gamer who enjoys anything from a really good shooter to a laid back game of Mario. I enjoy food….doesn’t really matter what it is…who am I kidding give me Chocolate!! lol…

     This page is for you as much as it is for me. A place to share ideas, recipe’s, chat about problems you may be having in health or as a parent/friend/what have you. I’m a gadget freak we can talk about anything technology related. In the end will I have all the answers, probably not, but I can tell you that I will listen and if I don’t have the answer I will do my very best to find it for you and point you in the right direction. Here you will not be labeled, made fun of or criticized, it’s a place for answers and to just have fun with life in all its splendor!!

Thanks for reading and please contribute and let me know what you think!

answerthetullyphoneAnd then there was a blog!!